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IMG 2177Long and short sleeved polo shirts, sweater and fleece vests  and totes are now available from Lands End with a choice of our embroidered FHC logos. Clothing color choices are offered in the club’s suggested blue for the field, and red for staff.

Please click below to see the colors and details and the “visit the store” link.

Visit the Store

Farmington logo-wear can also be ordered for equestrian items like saddle pads through the Charlottesville Dover Saddlery store. Please call 434-964-1301 and ask for Shawnee or Laura.

For those interested, we now have access to a digitally printed version (like screen printing) of our colored fox logo in a 10”x9” size, either on the front center chest or on the back below the collar. This is available in long or short sleeve t-shirts in 100% cotton or performance cotton (thicker, wrinkle and stain resistant), or crew neck sweatshirts in a variety of colors in unisex sizes. Please see what the sweatshirt might look like just below (this is an older version of the logo):

58612942518 C139B2DC F452 423F B596 2AA24C8E2377If you are interested in ordering these larger digital image items, they are available by individual call-in orders only. Visit the Lands End website www.landsend.com and search for the item you’re interested in and the colors offered by using the item numbers below. Choose which color you’re interested in, then call the Digital Image Team at Lands End directly at 1-800-814-3132 to order what you would like. You will be asked for the item number as well as the logo number. 


Item #:

Logo # if light colored:

Logo # if dark colored:

Short sleeved Basic T-Shirt  




Short sleeved Super T-Shirt (heavier) 




Long sleeved T-Shirt 




Fleece crew sweatshirt 




To clarify, for lighter colored apparel (white, heather gray, sky blue, etc) use the logo number 1621058J. For darker clothing (navy, black, dark gray etc) use the logo number 1622763J. There is approximately a 1-2 week shipping time. Please see pictures of logos, sample sweatshirt and a men’s size chart. Email Betsy Dove with any questions. 2dovebetsy@gmail.com.

Please click below to see the colors and details:

Visit the Store



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