2040 Millington Stables Lane, Free Union, Virginia 22940

Course Designer:  Stephanie Guerlain

Courses are a fun mixture of stadium and cross-country type obstacles, held in a large sand arena.

For the Tadpole and Baby Green levels, the first class of the division is judged on rider equitation and smoothness of the ride. Simple changes are not penalized. For Beginner Novice and above, the first class of the division is scored based on jump penalties with ties broken based on "Optimum Time" (closest to average of all rider times in that class).

Second class is Table II,2b (2nd round jump-off if first round is clear).

Third class is "gambler's choice" (riders get points for every jump cleared within one minute: 10 points for jumps heading home, 20 points for jumps heading away, 30 points for jumps going straight across the ring). Oxers must be jumped in the correct direction, otherwise jumps can be taken from either direction and may be jumped as many times as desired, but no jump may be jumped two times in a row. If a jump is knocked down, points do not count and it may not be jumped again.


Divisions to run in this order, starting at 8:30 AM. Open schooling is available until ~8:15 then the jumps will be lowered in preparation for the Tadpole division. Please sign up with the starter to be put into the jump order for the division. All three classes in a division will be run for groups of 3-4 horses at a time.

Class #s     Name                 Description           Approximate Time (based on historical data)

1.              Open Equitation on the Flat (8:30)

2, 3, 4.       Tadpole - Fences not to exceed 18" (8:45 - 9:45)

5, 6, 7.       Baby Green - Fences not to exceed 2’0” (9:45 - 10:30)

8, 9, 10.     Beginner Novice - Fences not to exceed 2’6” (10:30 - 12:00)

11, 12. 13. Novice  - Fences not to exceed 2’11” (12:00 - 1:30)

14, 15, 16. Training  - Fences not to exceed 3’3” (1:30 - 2:00)

17, 18, 19. Preliminary  - Fences not to exceed 3’7” (2:00-2:30)

General Rules and Conditions

  1. USEA rules apply except where otherwise noted. Riders must wear protective headgear secured by a chinstrap harness whenever mounted. Safety vests and medical armbands strongly encouraged. Formal attire not required. Standing martingales may be worn.
  2. Organizers reserve the right to separate divisions into Jr/Sr levels as entries warrant.  There will be 6 ribbons per class.
  3. All entries must be accompanied by a signed release if not already on file.   All minor competitors’ entry forms must be signed by parent or guardian. See details here.

Times: Will be available on Friday Aug 4th.   Times will be emailed and posted on website and Facebook group.

Entry Fees: Division Fee is $50. Individual classes are $20, except Class 1 is $10. USPC and 4H members will receive a $5 discount on total entry fees with membership card. There is a post-entry fee of $10 if entering day of the show

Fill out entry forms online here.

Please bring a copy of coggins, Farmington waiver (signed by parent/guardian for minors) if not already on file, and check made payable to Farmington Hunt Club. Payments are also accepted via Paypal sent to "Friends and family" to payments@farmingtonhunt.org 


***Download required waiver  (only if you’ve never signed one before)

Hunt Line: (434) 978-1107

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