Please call the hunt line 434-978-1107 for questions on weather, time changes, cancellations, location, etc.

Please be considerate of landowners - drive only 10mph into and out of hunt fixtures. Park only in designated areas. Clean up all manure and take it with you.

Be mounted and ready 15 minutes prior to posted start time.

Neat attire required - hair nets for ladies, black or brown tall boots, gloves, plain black velvet hard hat, shiny horse with brushed mane and tail, hoof oil, etc. 

During cubbing season (prior to Oct. 1), a white or solid dark polo shirt is acceptable for warmer weather, after that ratcatcher is requested.

For opening meet (Nov 8) until December 31, formal attire is requested on Tuesdays and Saturdays and ratcatcher is acceptable on Thursdays.

After the New Year, formal attire is requested on Saturdays and ratcatcher is acceptable on Tuesdays and Thursdays.

Please be quiet during the hunt to allow the huntsman to work the hounds uninterrupted and to allow others to listen.

We have three filghts at all of our meets, each led by a field master.

Hounds always have right of way, let your field master know immediately if a hound has been kicked.

Contact one of the Masters ahead of time if bringing a guest, or if you are interested in coming as a guest, capping fees apply.

Be sure to carry a valid hunting license.

Sign both a FHC and RWSA waiver if not already on file (since September, 2011).

Hunt Line: (434) 978-1107

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