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Fall Hunter Pace


Sunday, November 8, 2020
WINNERS ANNOUNCED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  Results from the Hunter Pace at Overstreets yesterday! Such a gorgeous day!!

Thank you to our Volunteers, Kip for organizing and being part of the "Timers Dream Team", Karen Bull who is the other half of that team, they did all 3 of our Hunter Pace's this year,THANK YOU both so much!! Carolyn for getting everyone in and out of the one way road with Pamela Pam on the other end!  Chris NJebb for getting everyone parked etc. Nancy again our steadfast Show Secretary for ALL 3 Hunter Paces, and our Greeter and runner!
Matthew and Julie Cook, and Mo for doing trail clearing, Jump building, hauling the jumps there and marking and unmarking the course!!!
MOST of all to our landowners The Overstreet's and the McLaine's, we couldn't do it with out YOU!!!
1ST:  Casey Brown, Courtney Fraser, Tiffany McCord & Bethany Wood
2nd:  Jennifer Campbell, Anne Riley, & Holly Thornhill
3rd:  Annie Lichtenstein, Sherry Nedzbala, & Robin Ellis
4th:  Toni Durham, Brendan Walsh, Lynn Gebhard, & Maddie Ratkowski
1ST:  Kimberly Skelly, Melissa Zeller & Brooke Birdsong
2nd:  Christopher and Marie Gorman
3rd:  Tied -  Gene and Ann Gartner
Deborah Wray & Dale Dealtrey
1ST:  Kate Voelmle, Leah Hoffman & Pete Huebner
2nd:  Laine Cooper, Jen Daly & Julia Lezoni
3rd:  Josie Galvin & Lauren Adams
4th:  Ariana Nolte, Tessa Nolte & Kayleigh Herring


Adult Fox Hunting Clinic

August 29-30, 2020. Free Union, VA

Schedule of Events:

Days 1 (Sat 8 am start): 2 Mounted Sessions at Millington Stables, Approxmately 1.5hrs each *, grouped by levels. Includes Morning: flat exercises to improve position, control and confidence. gymnastics to improve riders’ security!  Afternoon includes: riding in fields, narrow trails, & hills;  field-specific exercises (such as rein-backs, turn on the forehand) for gates and reversing field for staff;  while negotiating trappy terrain;  riding banks, ditches, streams, coops, panels & natural obstacles.

Day 2 (Sun 8 am start): Mock Hunt at the Kennels (or visit hounds in the pen for green horses)

(Sun PM): Lunch & Information Session with Masters and Hunt Staff (hunting conditions, scent, horn calls, staff roles, protocol, traditions and attire will be discussed)

Who Should Attend?

  • Pony Clubbers & Trail riders who want to try foxhunting for the first time.
  • Hilltoppers who want to improve their riding skills or move up to Second Flight.
  • Second and First Flight riders who want to become more confident.
  • Green Horses new to hunting or new to coops and natural obstacles.

Clinician: Joy Crompton, MFH

Joy Crompton has been hunting with Farmington Hunt for 30 years and is currently joint MFH. She has schooled many young horses in the hunt field, led all three fields, and is now Honorary Whipper-in, hunting three time a week during hunt season. Joy brings to this clinic a wealth of professional experience and expertise. As an event rider, she started many young horses and brought them through the Preliminary level. She won the team Adult Preliminary Championship at the Kentucky Horse Park. Particularly her training with Jimmy Wofford taught her how to navigate cross country jumps and terrain safely. Joy shares her extensive knowledge by teaching students for the hunt field and combined training competitions.

Clinician: Kip Holloway


Saturday $80.00 (Riding in Am and Pm) Bring your own water, snacks, lunch. Instructional materials will be provided.

Sunday: $40.00 riders Includes lunch at the Hunt Club, info session, & materials.

Protective head gear is a must for mounted sessions, no exceptions.



Jr. Fox Hunter Clinic August 28th and 30th!

An introduction to fox hunting for young riders ages 10-18 yrs. Old. You will learn all about fox hunting from attire and etiquette to skills of riding across country. Participants need to be able to competently trail ride to attend the clinic. Please wear boots and breeches, and a ASTM approved riding helmet.

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Hunt Line: (434) 978-1107

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