Spring Hunter Pace

FHC Annual Hunter Pace Jun 12, 10 at Mint Meadows. See results and photos!

Despite the hot weather, we had a huge turnout with 46 teams and over 100 riders! Great food, wonderful course with lots of inviting jumps and such beautiful scenery of the Blue Ridge mountains. Thanks to the Birdsalls for alowing us to use their farms and to Cathy Robb for organizing, Anita Vere-Nicoll,Kay Barquin, Alison and Daron Beeney, B.J.Korol, April Fletcher and to all the volunteers who prepared the course and ran the event. See photos in Galleries.

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Farmington Hunt Club

Summer Fun Pace 2010 Results

Hunter Long Division

First: Team No. 81, Lynne Gebhard on Book, Jill Ashley on Skip, and Jane Gatewood on Snap Dragon

Second: Team No. 55, Diane Hawkins on Robin, Lara Morris on Tripton Fell, and Whitney Wenger on Teddy

Third: Team No. 63, Evelyn Scott on Levi, Andrea Oliver on Cricket, and Jennifer Daly on Abby

Fourth: Team No.78, Wendy Owens on Stella Artois and Karen Rice on Mahantango

Fifth: Team No.66, Jebb Cuthbert on Thyme, Maria Debye-Saxinger on Rosemary and Kim Morton on Rose

Sixth: Team No. 119, Lindsey Williamson on Mason and Wendy O’Bannon on Sandy


Hunter Short Division:

First: Team No. 71, Meghann Jones on Kindred Spirit, Brodie Lower on Zephros, and Molly Duncan on Prime Time

Second: Team No. 64, Joy Crompton on MacDonald, Robin Ellis on Toast, and Kendra Reed-Stark (no name for horse…)

Third: Team No. 70, Page Turner on Kallista and Julia Scheibel on Mr. Pip

Fourth: Team No. 73, Beth Marcinko on Sterling Castle and Jennifer Cardoza on Monopoly

Fifth: Team No. 85, John Digney on (oh dear, it’s illegible) and John Digney Jr. on Cowboy

Sixth: Team No. 60, Sandy Kendall on Above and Beyond and Ellie Summers on For Pete’s Sake


Trail Long Division:

First: Team No. 74, Dale Dealtry on Booty, Elizabeth Uffelman on MacIntosh and Michael Vitale on Timothy

Second: Team No. 65, Allyson Louthon on Trolley and Shelley Payne on Kirby

Third: Team No. 82, Hannah Thomas on Wiseman, Mary Van Clief on Cedar and Amanda Hughes on Pleasure for Me

Fourth: Team No. 92, Sandra Griffin on Tigger and Beth Bishop on Luv U to Pieces

Fifth: Team No. 91, Barbara Barrell on Tex and Kathleen Anderson on Missy

(No Sixth)


Trail Short Division:

First: Team No. 59, Kate Johnson on Norman and Betsy Hedges on Comanche

Second: Team No. 72, Carolyn Brandt on Sully, Jennifer Sulzberger on River and Alison Barklay on Daffodil

Third: Team No. 88, Katherine Beights on Hollywood and Will Beights on Delilah

Fourth: Team No. 58, Kevin Fletcher on Usul and April Fletcher on Neato Keen

Fifth: Team No. 86, Sue Satterfield on Easy and Bob Satterfield on Penne

Sixth: Team No. 56, Melissa Johnson on Harley and Abby MacBride on Ben





Hunt Line: (434) 978-1107

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