robb-fletcher-aFun Fall Hunter Pace at Fiery Farm- November  8th, 2009

Over 100 riders, and 40 teams enjoyed the beautiful weather. Results & photos are posted!(Click image)

Results from the Fall Hunter Pace Event 11-08-09

The winner of the Junior Trophy was Melissa Hart
I.Hart team: Thomas Hart Melissa Hart
2.Bassett team: Emily Bassett,Polly McNeely, Meghan Milligan
3.Neuhoff Team: Leslie Neuhoff, Haley Neuhoff
4.RWR Team: Jennifer Campbell,Wendy Wiebe, Anna Wiebe
5. Mahalo Farm team: Patty Swygert, Chandler Brugh, Zoe Anderson, Maggy Browning
Pleasure: 1.Carter McNeely,Calvin Lewis, Lisa Casinella, Robin Mellon
2.Huckleberry Hill Farm team; Jeannette Tuck, Denise Tuck, Andrea Cushing
Tie For 2nd The Ozettes; Renata Huffman ,Frankie Brittain
3.Toms Team: Fred Hitz, Mary Buford Hitz
4. HM team Charlotte Delaney,Hannah Fowler ,Muffin Barnes
Tie for 4thHunters team Betsy Parker, Jennifer Keck, Natolie Harpole, Sophie Desmon
1 Casanova's Convoy: Kathleen O'Keefe, Janey Thompson, Kolby Noe               3.The Goochland Gang: Megan Proffitt, Gina Sybert, Tom Newton
2.Davis Deep Run Hunt: Marshie Davis , Jan Sosnowski, Daphne Whig                 Tie for 3rd Sandworm team Robin Walden, Kevin Fletcher
4.Mary Kalergis, Kim Morton
The Andrea Wittjen Trophy went to Casanova's Convoy, followed closely by Muffin Barnes with her team: Charlotte Delaney, Hannah Fowler

Thank you Wilma and Dick Mangione and crew for a delicious chili buffet lunch, and to BJ Korol, Kip Holloway for amazing managing, The Cuthberts, Becky Barlow, Ms. Henderson for keeping the stats, the Beeneys for the beautiful course plan, Kay Barquin, Bobbie Wells and team for registering everyone, and the field crew Jim Bourie and company and a host of hardworking volunteers who made it all happen. And of course, the event would not have been possible without the gracious hospitality of landowners Jock and Diane Fiery. Many thanks to you all, and see you next time!






Hunt Line: (434) 978-1107

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