March 14, 2020

Report and photos by Beth Sutton

Farmington Hunt held its final meet of the 2020 season at Millington on a beautiful spring day, celebrating the end of a very successful hunting year.

taylorf lizk willh carolh kip cdelany3 14 2020 1815From left: Taylor Fellows Wilkerson, Liz King, Will Henderson, Carol Ham, Kip Holloway, Charlotte Delany gather at the final meet at Millington

Thanks to Masters Kip Holloway, Joy Crompton, W.Pat Butterfield and Liz King. We are grateful for the fine staff, honorary whippers-in, and hard-working professional Huntsman Matthew Cook and kennel man Roy "Moe" Morris. A large field of riders of all ages turned out to enjoy the day, along with unmounted foxhunters and senior members, guests and landowners Jay and Erica Fennell, Sherry Buttrick, Becky Barlow, Grenelle Delany, Jane Fogleman, Linda Uihlein, Beth Sutton, Mason Fogg, Mary Minor Henderson, Bob and Linda Haschart, Nick Guerlain and our founding member, Ellie Wood K. Baxter. Look for more photos from today, courtesy of Cathy Summers!

kenchapman ewkbaxter3 14 2020 1824Ken Chapman and Ellie Wood K. Baxter

hounds hug kennelman 1830Huntsman Matthew Cook is ready to go; Hounds get a group hug from Kennel Man "Moe" Morris

mark shelleythomson3 14 20 1837FHC President Mark and Shelly Thompson

chris cuthbert3 14 2020 1839Carolyn Chapman, hon. whipper-in, Chris Cuthbert, road whip

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