Fall Hunter pace results and report
By Helen Hilliard, photos courtesy of S.P. Dennis

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The final event in the Fall Hunter Pace Series was hosted by FHC on November 3rd at Overstreets, one of our prettiest fixtures.
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We had an amazing turnout, despite a few people using GPS who ended up in no man's land. It was a fabulous day overhead and underfoot. We had a good turnout from the horse community at large as well as our own members. Per usual, the FHC members who volunteered were magnificent and efficient, making all run smoothly. Matthew and Julie laid out a well marked and lovely route. The food headed up by Gene Gartner was delicious and plentiful. Drinks seemed to come from all directions. Our Check In and Timing volunteers, BJ, Barbara, Becky and Howard were highly professional. Kenny handled parking, while John Elliot rescued his cow. All in all it was really fun and everyone got around safely. Many, many THANKS to all who participated.

“This is about the best Hunter Pace I’ve ever done”, said one participant, echoing the sentiments of all.
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1st: #82 Team Way Lost, BRH: Susan Tavellini and Alan Gooding
2nd: #89 Team Token Boy, BRH and DRHC: Andrew Stahl, Joann Norman, Sarah Briggs Turner
3rd: #70 Team Venetia, FHC: Venetia Smith, Lynne Gebhard, Mike Schram
4th: #109 Team Holy Trinity, BRH Rebecca Turner, Brittany Ware, Tori Keller

1st: #66 Team Pricey’s Pair, FHC: Katie Sears, Josie Galvin
2nd: #57 Team Arduda, FHC: Kate Argo, Bertha Durbin, Jennifer Daly
2nd: #87 Team Pony Pact Posse, KHC Lacey McLoud Chianna Nolte
2nd: #59 Team Levora, FHC: Daniela Lea, Kate Voelmle, Kat Ravichandran
3rd: #60 Team Pony Pact Petite Posse, KHC: Tessa Nolte, Emma Anderson, Kayleigh Herring
4th: #90 Team Farmington Gals, FNC: Susanne Dennis, Chanda Boylen, Evalina Caruccio

1st: #110 Team JoJoLo: Nancy Lowey, Rachel Jones, Emily Jones
2nd: #71 Team Bolling: Kim Bolling, Lillian Byrd, Sally Fisher, Melissa Pitchford, Lillian Byrd
3rd: #93 Team Calberry Farms FHC: Jenny Rosner, Avan Batten, Erin Edwards
3rd: #64 Team Wood, FHC: Bethany Wood, McKenzie Harper, Tiffany McCord
3rd: #63 Team The Blues, FHC: Lynne Allen, Jennifer Lonas, Kendall Hommel
4th: #92 Team Brandt Sulzberger: Carolyn Brandt, Jennifer Sulzberger

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