October 26, 2019        

Judges:  Jill Wilson Anderson, Robin Wood, Robin Mellen


Schooling Hunter Ch: Fortunate Rooster, Dale Dealtry (Baily Hale Dent)

            Res:  Prize, Jenn Daly (Leah Hoffman)

Green Hunter Ch:   Willett, Marianna Wade

            Res:   Quarter Final, Brad Booker (Caroline Booker)

Working Hunter Ch:  Worthwhile, Sophia Soja (Maria Shannon)

            Res:   Hakuna Matata, Mckenzie Harper (Bethany Wood)

Adult Hunter Ch:   Just North, The Barracks (Megan Eisenfelder)

            Res:   Buble’,   Mohammad Attar (Beth Butler)

Children's Hunter Ch:   Quarter Final, Brad Booker (Caroline Booker)

            Res:   Noble, Charlotte Bassett

Hunter Pleasure Ch:   Just One Kiss, Sarah White (Ava Durovey)

            Res:   Farnley Rosencavalier, Ashley DeWoolfson (Lindsey Poole)

Pony Hunter Champion:   TCF Easter Lilly,   Victoria Mello        

            Res:   Miss Honey,   Jocelyn Flannery

Short Stirrup Hunter Champion:   The Crowne Prince,   Lake Bassett

            Res:   Leap of Faith,   Anne Grachus (Madeline Harp)

Novice Jumper Champion:   Mr. Bean, Cedarhill Farm (Stephanie Guerlain)

            Res:   Outfoxed, Cadeaux Show Stable, (Anesia Estes)

Novice Children’s/Adult Jumper:   Reagan, The Barracks (Addie Locke)

            Res:   Outfoxed,   Cadeaux Show Stable (Anesia Estes)


Low Jumper Champion:   Mr. Bean, Cedarhill Farm (Stephanie Guerlain)

            Res:   Dare County Duck, David Ashcom (Calla Williamson)

Schooling/ Modified Jumper Champion:   Dare County Duck, David Ashcom (Calla Williamson)

            Res:   Big Black Cadillac, Lisa Flynn

Grand Hunter Champion:   Willett,   Marianna Wade

Leading Junior Rider: Caroline Booker


            Schooling Hunters: 1.   Prize;   2. Hakuna Matata;   3. Final Four, Brad Booker (Emmaline Booker);   4. Fortunate Rooster;   5. Now I Know, Kolby Berry;   6. Shark Tank, Ashley DeWoolfson (Mychelle DeWoolfson).

            Schooling Hunters:   1. Fortunate Rooster;   2. Hakuna Matata;   3. Prize;   4. Now I Know;   5. Shark Tank;   6. Ravello, The Barracks (Sarah Zube).

            Schooling Hunters under saddle: 1. Ravello;   2. Fortunate Rooster;   3. Wizard, The Barracks (Frances Knight);   4. Hakuna Matata;   5. Prize;   6. Hamilton, Allie Wilkie.

            Green Hunters:   1. Willett;   2. Punk Rocker, Thomas Hart (Baily Hale Dent);   3. Quarter Final;   4. Finders Keepers, Tellulah Tepper;   5. Zensational, Baily Hale Dent;   6. Land’s Leopold, Sharon Merrick (Todd Wever).

            Green Hunters:   1. Willett;   2. Quarter Final;   3. Punk Rocker;   4. Finders Keepers;   5. Land’s Leopold; 6. Zensational.

            Green Hunters under saddle:   1. Quarter Final;   2. Willett;   3. Punk Rocker;   4. Zensational;   5. Finders Keepers.

            Working Hunters:   1. Hakuna Matata;   2. Becoming, Tess Lenihan (Maria Shannon);   3. Captivate, Ashleigh Dove (Maria Shannon);   4. Worthwhile;   5. Wistful, Stacey McFadden LLC (Stacey McFadden);   6. Orion, Kate Elliott.

            Working Hunters:   1. Wistful;   2. Worthwhile;   3. Hakuna Matata;   4. Captivate;   5. Playbook, Laila Latifi;   6. Moonlight Bay, Rachel Morris.

            Working Hunters under saddle:   1. Becoming;   2. Worthwhile;   3. Generosity, Reese Burge;   4. Captivate;   5. Orion;   6. Playbook.

            VHSA/BHSA Adult Equitation (Rudeen Trophy)   1. Sidney Nyman;   2. Riley Casey;   3. Tellulah Tepper;   4. Victoria LaCivita;   5. Beth Butler;   6. Megan Eisenfelder.

            Adult Hunter:   1. Just North;   2. Catalyst, The Barracks (Isabelle Baldwin);   3. Suit and Tie, The Barracks (Aly Howse);   4. Bango, Jamie Feola (Rachael Sampson);   5. Buble’;   6. Falcon, The Barracks (Kathryn Sanders).

            Adult Hunter:   1. Just North;   2. Bethany, The Barracks (Riley Casey);   3. Buble’;   4. Catalyst;   5. Suit and Tie;   6. Covert Affair, The Barracks (Lily Kauffman).

            Adult Hunter under saddle:   1. Destination, Taylor Harvey;   2. Whitny, The Barracks (Glenna Pritzlaf);   3. Buble’;   4. Suit and Tie;   5. Just North;   6. Brigadier, The Barracks (Bankes Haden).

            VHSA/BHSA Equitation on the flat:   1. Sarah Zube;   2. Charlotte Basset;   3. Addie Locke;   4. Bankes Haden;   5. Marlee Pugh;   6. Carryn Mullins.

            VHSA/BHSA Children's Equitation:   1. Charlotte Bassett;   2. Caroline Booker;   3. Carryn Mullins;   4. Lydia Jordan.

            Children's Hunter:   1. Quarter Final;   2. Quintus 66, Charlotte Bassett;   3. Noble;   4. Final Four;   5. Constellations, Lydia Jordan;   6. Bella Donna, Emily Easton.

            Children's Hunter:   1. Noble;   2. Quintus 66;   3. Quarter Final;   4. Final Four;   5. Generosity;   6. Semper Fidelis, The Barracks (Raina Labonte).

            Children's Hunter under saddle:   1. Quarter Final;   2. Final Four;   3. Noble;   4. Quintus 66;   5. Bella Donna;   6. Constellations.

            Pleasure Horse/Pony Walk Trot:   1. Just One Kiss;   2. Farnley Rosencavalier;   3. TCF Easter Lilly;   4. Churchill Turtle, Marlee Pugh (Jenna Allen);   5. Spring Ridge Willow, India Mooney;   6. L’Esperado, Marlee Pugh.

            Pleasure Horse/Pony GAYP:   1. Just One Kiss;   2. Churchill Turtle;   3. Farnley Rosencavalier;   4. Lickity Split, Cassia DeVink;   5. TCF Easter Lilly;   6. Whinny, Cadeaux Show Stable, (Cheyenne Parks.

            Pleasure Horse/Pony Walk Trot Canter:   1. Just One Kiss;   2. Farnley Rosencavalier;   3. Churchill Turtle;   4. TCF Easter Lilly;   5. Spring Ridge Willow;   6. Lickity Split.

            VHSA/BHSA Pony Equitation:   1. Lindsey Poole;   2. Jocelyn Flannery;   3. Victoria Mello;   4. Sanders Miller;   5. Kate Reilly.

            Pony Hunter:   1. TCF Easter Lilly;   2. Miss Honey;   3. Farnely Rosencavalier;   4. Langhorne, The Barracks;   5. Lucky Penny, Sarah White (Ava Durovey);   6. TCF Hillbilly Bob, Todd Wever and Lydia Jordan (Lydia Jordan).

            Pony Hunter:   1. Point ‘N’ Shoot, The Barracks (Saanders Miller); Miss Honey;   3. TCF Easter Lilly;   4. TCF Hillbilly Bob;   5. Langhorne;   6. Farnley Rosencavalier.

            Pony Hunter under saddle:   1. Langhorne;   2. TCF Hillbilly Bob;   3. Miss Honey;   4. TCF Easter Lilly;   5. Lucky Penny;   6. Farnley Rosencavalier.

            Short Stirrup Hunter:   1. The Crowne Prince;   2. Leap of Faith;   3. Little Darlin’, Pete Huebner;   4. Spring Ridge Willow;   5. Whinny.

            Short Stirrup Hunter:   1. The Crowne Prince;   2. Little Darlin’;   3. Whinny;   4. Spring Ridge Willow;   5. Leap of Faith.

            Short Stirrup Hunter under saddle:   1. The Crowne Prince;   2. Leap of Faith;   3. Whinny;   4. Little Darlin’;   5. Spring Ridge Willow.

            Leadline:   1. Bess Phillips.

            Novice Jumper:   1. Mr. Bean;   2. Outfoxed.

            Novice Jumper:   1. Prima Ballerina, Eleyne Fitzgerald (Stephanie Guerlain);   2. Outfoxed;   3. Mr. Bean.

            Novice Children’s/Adult Jumper:   1. Outfoxed;   2. Reagan;   3. What Luck, Jenn Daly (Kate Voelmle).

            Novice Children’s/Adult Jumper:   1. Reagan;   2. What Luck;   3. Outfoxed;   4. Keep It Real, Carryn Mullins;   5. Dawn, Theresa McManys (Roxie Beebe-Canter).

            Low Jumper:   1. Dare County Duck;   2. Outfoxed;   3. Mr. Bean;   4. Le Bon Classic, The Barracks (Megan Eisenfelder).

            Low Jumper:   1. Mr. Bean;   2. Winter Rose, Wakefield Farm (Bethany Wood);   3. Le Bon Classic;   4. Outfoxed;   5. Faline, Wakefield Farm (Bethany Wood).

            Children’s/Adult Jumper:   1. Dare County Duck;   2. Reach For Yield, Esters Sims (Virginia Ruth Davis).

            Schooling/Modified Jumper:   1. Dare County Duck;   2. Reach For Yield;   3. Faline;   4. Full Cry, Sally Lamb (Pam Cibula);   5. Winter Rose.

            Schooling/Modified Jumper:   1. Big Black Cadillac;   2. Winter Rose;   3. Full Cry;   4. Faline;   5. Dare County Duck;   6. Reach For Yield.


2019 Kim Morton Award Winners:

Robin Lundgren and Anne Grachus


 Report and thanks from Mary Harp:        

  I would like to thank everyone that helped me this year with the Fall Show. The Fall Show starts almost as soon as it ends, with planning for the following year. I have so many to thank this year, first with painting the jumps, Nancy Bush, Julia Iezzoni, Drew Perkins and Stephen Bickers. Setting up on Thursday evening, Chris and Kim Middleton, Stephen Bickers, Drew Perkins, Mac Dent, Robin Lundgren, Nancy Bush, Joy Crompton, Rebecca Barber, Mark Thompson, Chris and Jebb Cuthbert and Greg Harp. If I've forgotten anyone please forgive me .
The Day of the Show, Nancy Bush, Jebb and Chris Cuthbert, Carther McNeely, Tiffany Snell, Octavia and Ted, Robin Lundgren, Kip Holloway, Kim Gall, Karen Bull, BJ Korol, Emily Digney, Mac Dent, Carolyn Brandt, Maria, Marianna, Bugsy, Adan, Stephen Bickers and Drew Perkins and all the exhibitors that ran in and gave us a hand in pulling out jumps for the Short Stirrup.
Thanks go out to each and everyone of you! I couldn't have done it without you.
I want to thank Claiborne Bishop for her guidance, support and understanding even when things went a bit awry. Thank you to our Judges for the Day Jill Wilson Anderson, Robin Wood and Robin Mellen, they did a amazing job. Thank you to our course designer, Zach Parks, after a very long hunter portion of the day, the resetting of the jumper jumps went fast and smoothly. And to Liz King and all her helpers, thank you for putting on a wonderful party as usual!!

Thank you everyone,
Mary Harp

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