Miilington Stables, Free Union, VA

June 28,2019
Report by Kip Holloway, MFH, photos courtesy of Ebeth Brann

 jrfhclinic3 9207
Junior Riders gather under the Oaks at Millington
jrfhclinic2 9199
16 juniors heading out to the open fields to ride

  Farmington Hunt Club held a Fox Hunting Clinic for Junior riders on June 28, 2019,
at the lovely Millington Stables in Free Union.
It was attended by 16 mounted juniors and 3 auditing youngsters. Initially, everyone
gathered in the ring to go over some basic drills and techniques to learn spacing and steering,
then out to the woods and fields. There they practiced hills, jumping, field reversals,
crossing water, gates and learned some important hunting terms, such as "ware".
The most advanced group even had a nice long gallop across a field and navigated a corn crop.
After all the riding, our fabulous huntsman, Matthew Cook, appeared with 4 adult hounds, and the litter
of 5 puppies (3 months old). The adult hounds were thrilled to arrive at lunch time,
and the puppies were thrilled to visit with all the young people. A discussion was given
by Julie Cook on proper hunting attire, and Matthew gave a horn blowing demonstration.
It is very exciting to have such a great group of enthusiastic young riders on very capable horses and
ponies, and we hope to see them out in the hunt field this fall.
jrfhclinic 06 28 2019 9193
"Initially everyone gathered in the ring..."

Thank you to all the trainers and parents that spent your day driving the kids and equines
to the clinic. Without your support this would not have been possible.
In addition, I want to sincerely thank the team that helped me put this idea into reality:
Julie Cook, Lara Morris and Mary Harp. Without question, they gave their time and energy.
I couldn't have asked for a more positive, wonderful group to work with.
And last, but not least, a big thank you to Evalina Caruccio and Star for representing
a true Junior fox hunter. She was the acting field master for the initial drills and then
brought up the rear on the outside excursion.
We look forward to all these juniors giving fox hunting a try this upcoming season!
jrfhclinic4 9191
".. to go over some drills and practice steering and spacing."

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