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Emily Sears rides in the Barrel Racing class, photo by K.Gall

FHC held its annual Gymkhana and social at Millington June 14th. See photos by Kim Gall

Farmington Spring Gymkhana Results

Millington Stables, Friday, June 14, 2019

Great weather, great fun!!

Thanks to our Announcer: Lynn Allen, Secretaries: Anne Horner and Julie Caruccio, Organizers: Liz King & Stephanie Guerlain and Photographer: Kim Gall

Check out all the fantastic photos at

Thanks to everyone who came to ride or cheer folks on.

Obstacles 1. 1. Stardust, Evaline Carrucio 2. Aria, Emily Sears for Jenn Daly 3. Beau, Pippa Cook 4. Stewie, Sydney Walker for Paula McConnell 5. Tristan, Anne Zavertnik Young 6. Dorien, Suzanne Dennis

Obstacles 2 1. Stardust, Evaline Carrucio 2. Dorien 3. Care Bear, Kendyl Gerard for Darlene Murphy 4. Speedy, Shelly Payne 5. Stewie 6. Addie, Darlene Murphy           

Leadline 1. Peanut, Claire Young for Millington Stables

Sack Race 1. Aria, Emily Searsfor Jenn Daly 2. Vanna, Carly Cowherd 3. Stardust 4. Priceless, Josie Galvin 5. Magpie, Lauren Adams for Michelle Adams 6. Batman, Kate Voelmle for Jenn Daly

Mimosa/Mimousa 1. Speedy 2. Slew, Cameron Tarbell for Jenn Daly 3. Abby, Jenn Daly 4. Burrito, Sydney Waldbillig for Francis McGovern 5. Vanna 6. Priceless          

Egg & Spoon 1. Magpie 2 Abby 3. Stardust            4. Care Bear 5. Tristan 6. Chester, Carla Talmadge for Jenn Daly

Musical Poles 1. Care Bear 2. Stardust 3. Addie 4. Aria 5. Abby 6. Dorien

Ribbon Pairs 1T. Care Bear-Addie 1T. Aria-Primavera 3. Beau-Chester 4. Tristan-Speedy 5. Magpie-Priceless 6. Abby-Slew

Sit-A-Buck 1. Darlene Murphy

Keyhole Race 1. Aria 2. Stardust 3. Speedy 4. Addie 5T Magpie and Priceless

Barrel Race 1. Aria 2. Care Bear 3. Abby 4. Stardust 5. Speedy 6. Priceless

Pole Bending 1. Aria 2. Stardust 3. Speedy 4. Priceless 5. Magpie 6. Addie

Hunt Line: (434) 978-1107

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