Report by Stephen Bickers, show manager
June 4, 2019 Charlottesville, VA

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Stephanie Guerlain and Carmen,Champion Working Hunter

Photos courtesy of KIm Gall: see complete album!

We'll call 2019 the year of being grateful. To say that the 31st Hilltoppers Horse Show was a success would be a huge understatement. From record turnout, perfect weather, a Hall of Fame judge and lots of friends, I could not have wished for more.
So here are the things I am grateful for.
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Betty Oare (above) for judging.
Brookhill Farm for once again hosting the horse show.
Matthew and Julie for setting up the tent.
The exhibitors, trainers and riders who entered 76 horses.
Evie Cowles and Jebb Cuthbert that handled parking duties on a very busy day.
Greg Harp for cooking morning til night.
B J Korol who was Drew's gal Friday basically all day in the secretary booth.
My unbelievable jump crew of Shelly Thompson and Susan Johnson. Betty was very complimentary of how smoothly everything ran.
The most unbelievable pair of starters who kept everything running smoothly - Mary Harp and Robin Lundgren who were both there helping from start to finish.
The sponsors who helped make sure the show was a profit from the first horse that walked in the ring.
And last but certainly not least, the best partner anyone could ever hope for. Drew Perkins who paused his 2000 + mile thru hike of the Appalachian Trail to drive home from Massachusetts to put up with my crazy life quest to put on the Hilltoppers Horse Show. He helped for days to organize, set jumps, haul cedar and straw, served as secretary for a huge horse show, packed everything up after and even cooked bacon and eggs at 10:30 PM after the horse show.
So thanks to them all and to say I am beyond grateful doesn't do enough to thank all involved.
Mark your calendars for the 32nd Hilltoppers Horse Show June 6, 2020. The planning starts today.



31st Annual Hilltoppers Horse Show
June 1, 2019
Judge: Ms. Betty Oare
Schooling Hunter Champion: Delilah, Sherry Nedzbala
Res: Zeus, Karen Bull
Green Hunter Champion: Zensational, Baily Hale Dent
Res: Painted Damask, Marie Le Menestrel (Rachel McMahon)
Working Hunter Champion: C’mon Carmen, Stephanie Guerlain
Res: Punk Rocker, Thomas Hart (Baily Hale Dent)
Children’s/Adult Hunter Champion: After Eight, Ann Turnicky
Res: Dark Star, Ce Kimata (Erin Scheibel)
VHSA Thoroughbred Hunter Champion: Tour Guide, Darlene Murphy
Res: Frankly My Dear, Katie Gardner
Pre Short Stirrup Champion: Hannah Harp
Res: Virginia Lesko
Short Stirrup Hunter Champion: Koda Krome, Nina & Leia Bellavance (Leia Bellavance)
Res: Pie, Lynne Gebhard (Kate Burton)
Pleasure Pony Champion: Pie, Lynne Gebhard (Kate Burton)
Res: Koda Krome, Nina & Leia Bellavance (Leia Bellavance)
Junior Horse Pleasure Champion: Excalibur, Caroline Daugherty
Res: Banjo, Lynne Gebhard (Isabel Greer)
Adult Horse Pleasure Champion: Firebee, Tiffany Snell
Res: Finn, Lynne Gebhard (Kristen Pate)
Low Hunter Champion: Excalibur, Caroline Daugherty
Res: Gentleman’s Club, D & L Livestock (Kat Perry)
Pony Hunter Champion: Chinook, Liz King (Isabella Karr)
Res: Priceless, Josie Galvin
Grand Champion Pleasure: Tie: Firebee, Tiffany Snell & Excalibur, Caroline Daugherty
Grand Hunter Champion: Tour Guide, Darlene Murphy
Leading Hunter Rider: Baily Hale Dent
Best Child Rider: Caroline Daugherty
Leading Equitation Trainer: Jenn Daly
Schooling Hunters: 1. Delilah; 2. Fincastle, Kip Holloway; 3. Barcinni, Melissa Slutzky, (Liz King); 4. River of Dreams, Wakefield Farm (Bethany Wood); 5. Zeus; 6. Sunday Petition, Mary Kalergis (Stephanie Guerlain).
Schooling Hunters: 1. Zeus; 2. Sunday Petition; 3. Barcinni; 4. No More Rocks, Liz & David Frassinelli, (Kiki Osbourne); 5. Delilah; 6. Galvani, Kiki Osbourne.
Schooling Hunters under saddle: 1. Local Color, Jenn Daly, (Katie Define); 2. River of Dreams; 3. Delilah; 4. Barcinni; 5. Clarity, Wakefield Farm, (Bethany Wood); 6. Zeus.
Green Hunters: 1. Zensational; 2. Bayra, Toni Massie, (Lynne Gebhard); 3. Painted Damask; 4. Punk Rocker; 5. River Rivanna, Vickie Walker, (Carly Cowherd).
Green Hunters: 1. Painted Damask; 2. Zensational; 3. Punk Rocker; 4. Flirtatious, Kiki Osbourne; 5. Bayra; 6. River Rivanna.
Green Hunters under saddle: 1. Zensational; 2. Flirtatious; 3. Bayra; 4. Punk Rocker; 5. Painted Damask; 6. River Rivanna.
Working Hunters: 1. C’mon Carmen; 2. Anna Karina, Frankie Brittain, (Kiki Osbourne); 3. Moonlight Bay, Rachel Morris; 4. Punk Rocker; 5. Clarity; 6. Medal of Honor, Lynne Gebhard.
Working Hunters Stake: 1. Punk Rocker; 2. C’mon Carmen; 3. Moonlight Bay; 4. Clarity; 5. Medal of Honor; 6. Anna Karina.
Working Hunters under saddle: 1. C’mon Carmen; 2. Punk Rocker; 3. Anna Karina; 4. Moonlight Bay; 5. Medal of Honor; 6. Zensational.
VHSA Equitation on the flat (14 and under): 1. Caroline Daugherty; 2. Violet Wiley; 3. Isabel Greer; 4. Kate Voelmle; 5. Kate Burton; 6. Olivia Woodson.
VHSA Equitation on the flat (15-17): 1. Lainey Butler; 2. Maggie Morris; 3. Grace Braugner.
VHSA Equitation on the flat (Adult): 1. Hannah Thomas; 2. Katie Define; 3. Tiffany Snell.
VHSA Associate Children's Equitation (Black Cat Farm Trophy): 1. Maggie Morris; 2. Lainey Butler; 3. Hunter Holden.
VHSA Associate Adult Equitation: 1. Katie Define; 2. Stephanie Guerlain; 3. Andrea Cushing.
VHSA/EMO Adult Medal: 1. Katie Define; 2. Hannah Thomas; 3. Stephanie Guerlain.
Children's/Adult Hunters: 1. Dark Star; 2. After Eight; 3. Motocross, Pia Zoffiletti; 4. Finn; 5. The Knight at Dublin Castle; Lainey Butler; 6. Anna Karina.
Children's/Adult Hunters: 1. After Eight; 2. Oliver Twist, Meg Holden, (Hunter Holden); 3. Anna Karina; 4. Splash, Mary Kalergis, (Stephanie Guerlain); 5. Finn; 6. Dark Star.
Children's/Adult Hunters under saddle: 1. After Eight; 2. Finn; 3. Anna Karina; 4. The Knight at Dublin Castle; 5. What Luck, Jenn Daly, (Kate Voelmle); 6. Dark Star.
VHSA Thoroughbred Hunters: 1. Tour Guide; 2. Runaway Dame, Joy Crompton; 3. Just a Slice, Lynne Gebhard; 4. Frankly My Dear; 5. One Moment, Jenn Daly; 6. Hakuna Matata, Mckenzie Harper.
VHSA Thoroughbred Hunters: 1. Frankly My Dear; 2. One Moment; 3. Tour Guide; 4. Thunder in Saratoga, Tiffany Snell; 5. Galvani; 6. Just a Slice.
VHSA Thoroughbred Hunters under saddle: 1. Tour Guide; 2. Just a Slice; 3. Runaway Dame; 4. Frankly My Dear; 5. Pedregal, Rebecca Barber; 6. One Moment.
Leadline: 1. Everett Baird.
Pre Short Stirrup Walk: 1. Virginia Lesko; 2. Hanna Harp.
Pre Short Stirrup Walk, Trot: 1. Hannah Harp.
Pre Short Stirrup Walk, Trot, Tests: 1. Hannah Harp.
Short Stirrup Hunters: 1. Pie; 2. Koda Krome; 3. Albemarle Pippin, Violet Wiley; 4. Leap of Faith, Anne Grachus, (Madeline Harp).
Short Stirrup Hunters: 1. Koda Krome; 2. Pie; 3. Leap of Faith; 4. Albemarle Pippin.
Short Stirrup Hunters under saddle: 1. Leap of Faith; 2. Albemarle Pippin; 3. Koda Krome; 4. Pie.
Pleasure Pony - Walk, Trot: 1. Koda Krome; 2. Albemarle Pippin; 3. Pie; 4. Scooby Doo, Montanova Stables, (Sophia Galanti); 5. Lickity Split, Wakefield Farm, (Natalie Nelson).
Pleasure Pony - Go As You Please: 1. Pie; 2. Albemarle Pippin; 3. Koda Krome; 4. Lickity Split; 5. Scooby Doo.
Pleasure Pony: 1. Pie; 2. Koda Krome; 3. Lickity Split; 4. Albemarle Pippin; 5. Scooby Doo.
Junior Horse Pleasure – Walk, Trot: 1. Excalibur; 2. Lace, Lynne Gebhard, (Olivia Woodson); 3. Banjo; 4. Spotless, Montanova Stables, (Grace Braugner); 5. Sitting on the Bay, Taylor Thomas.
Junior Horse Pleasure – Go as you Please: 1. Excalibur; 2. Banjo; 3. Spotless; 4. Lace; 5. Sitting on the Bay.
Junior Horse Pleasure: 1. Excalibur; 2. Banjo; 3. Spotless; 4. Sitting on the Bay; 5. Lace.
Adult Horse Pleasure- Walk, Trot: 1. Firebee; 2. Finn; 3. Gentleman’s Club; 4. Dahlia, Joe Schorno, (Carly Cowherd).
Adult Horse Pleasure- Go as you Please: 1. Firebee; 2. Gentleman’s Club; 3. Finn; 4. Dahlia.
Adult Horse Pleasure: 1. Firebee; 2. Finn; 3. Gentleman’s Club; 4. Dahlia.
Low Hunters: 1. Excalibur; 2. Gentleman’s Club; 3. Banjo; 4. Blue Clear Sky, Wakefield Farm, (Delaney Jones); 5. Priceless; 6. Heartland, Henry Lesko.
Low Hunters: 1. Excalibur; 2. Gentleman’s Club; 3. Dahlia; 4. Sitting on the Bay; 5. Blue Clear Sky; 6. Tiny Dancer, Wakefield Farm, (Cece Macdonald).
Low Hunters under saddle: 1. Excalibur; 2. Sitting on the Bay; 3. Blue Clear Sky; 4. Banjo; 5. Gentleman’s Club; 6. Tiny Dancer.
Pony Hunters: 1. Chinook; 2. Priceless; 3. Heartland; 4. Twizzler, Anne Grachus, (Meghan Murry).
Pony Hunters Stake: 1. Chinook; 2. Heartland; 3. Priceless; 4. Twizzler.
Pony Hunters under saddle: 1. Chinook; 2. Priceless; 3. Heartland; 4. Twizzler.

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