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"Flint", third place winner in Dogs-Unentered with Matthew Cook, FHC Huntsman

report by Kip Holloway, MFH
see all Photos by J.Chris Middleton

May  26,2019- Morven Park, Leesburg, VA

Farmington Hunt hounds showed very well at The Virginia Foxhound show
in Leesburg, on May 26th. Our huntsman, Matthew Cook, took 5
Penn-Marydel hounds to the show. Diglet, a black and tan that many of you
know, placed 2nd in the "stallion" class. Two of Diglet's get, Flint and
Frozen also showed. Although Flint wasn't thrilled with standing pretty
on the plywood, Matthew faked it well enough and Flint was the best biscuit chaser
of the day, really showing off his nice movement which awarded him a 3rd place
in a large class of "dogs- unentered". Frozen thought showing was great. After
going through a rather ugly phase, she has grown into a very nicely put together
hound and loved everyone telling her how beautiful she has become. Frozen
was also awarded 3rd in the "bitch - unentered" class.
They are both lovely hounds with great personalities and it will be exciting
to see how they hunt this upcoming season.

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Carolyn Chapman and Matthew Cook with "Woody" and "Dipper"

A tremendous thank you to Matthew, and his able helpers, Carolyn and Ken Chapman
and John Elliot. In addition, thank you very, much to everyone that made
the effort to come watch. It's so nice to hear the ring side cheering for
our hounds that give us so much pleasure.

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