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Team Dennis at the Mint Meadows start of the Fun Hunter Pace, Dennis photo

Report by Nancy Howell,
FHC hon.sec. and event manager
Charlottesviulle, VA June 8, 2019

Our 2019 Summer Fun Hunter Pace turned out to be a great day to ride as the rain stayed south of us and gave us cool temperatures and no bugs!!! We had a long course of approximately 10 miles and a short course of 7 miles. I want to thank the landowners John Birdsall, Alesandro Valmarana, Wick and Carter Mcneely, Mrs. Sally Garland, Grey McLean, Brian and Colleen Bassett for letting us enjoy their beautiful territory and scenery

Big thanks go out to Matthew and Charlie Cook, who put up the tent, cleared, mowed and provided the paths for everyone to ride on. Shout out to Carter Hilliard for providing the emergency Porta-Potty (whew!), cleared fields and log jumps at Mint Meadows for everyone to enjoy! My volunteers, BJ Korol and Betsy Dove (my secretaries), Linda Haschart photographer and helper), Kip Holloway and Carolyn Chapman (my trusty timers), Karen Bull (my drink gal), Mac Dent (my bridge man), Mason Fogg (traffic controller), Brian Barquin ( my water man with company)and Pam Conn-who just wanted to come out and enjoy the day with us! I could not have done this for the 7th time (Good Grief!!) without my GURU Liz King, who figures out the trail in her head, and then takes me around to mark the trail. It is always amazing to me how she does that. She also provided those fun jumps on the long trail at Millington. I appreciate everyone who dropped off cookies, salad, dips, chips and all those brownies and lemon bars-Yummy!!!

Thank you all for coming out to support FHC and here is to a great summer of many horse activities!!!


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First Place: Jessica McKissick and Erin Dovel


First Place: Budd Riddle and Annie Wilson

Second Place: Bethany Wood, Casey Brown, Courtney Frazer

Third Place: Kim Eastep and Liz Hall

Fourth Place: Reynolds and Evie Cowles


First Place: Chanda Boylen and Evalina Caruccio


First Place: Katie and Emily Sears

Second Place: Jenn Daly and Claire Thompson

Third Place: Mary and Gabrielle Shriver, Mattie Foster, and Vickie Collins


First Place: Julie Williamson, Leah Sisk, Tori Bauers and Rebecca Davies

Second Place: Suzanne Hannigan and Yvonne Wilson

Third Place: Liz King, Carol Ham and Will Henderson

Fourth Place: Carolyn Brandt, Melissa Slutzky, Karen Bull and Trina Player


First Place: Tina Mallia, Kathleen Anderson and Dana Moore

Second Place: Kelsie Timbie , Leo Scholl and Jebb Cuthbert

All first place winners receive a certificate for (1) free FHC Hunt Cap or (1) free Walk and Talk fee.

If you would like to receive your ribbons, please email me at with your current address.


Hunt Line: (434) 978-1107

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