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Karen Bull riding Zeus, K.Gall photo

Farmington Jumper/Equitation Show Results
Held at the Durbin’s Indian Echo Farm, April 20, 2019, Mr. Stephen Bickers, Judge

report by Stephanie Guerlain 4/21/2019, see Photos by Kim Gall

Cross Rails, Opt Time (OT) 1. Just Between Us, Delaney Jones 2. Max, Claire Thompson for Jennifer Daly 3. Little Darlin’, Pete Huebner for Alexandra Huebner

Cross Rails, Power & Speed Opt Time (PSOT) 1. Leonardo, Courtney Fraser for Deb Piereman 2. Just Between Us 3. Little Darlin’ 4. Max

Cross Rails OT 1. Max 2. Avalon, Lou Pyzik for Wakefield Farm 3. Just Between Us

Puddle OT 1. Hakuna Matata, McKenzie Harper 2. Waiting for a Hero, Maggie Kittrell 3. Skipping to the Lark, Josie Galvin for Jennifer Galvin 4. Skeet Shooter, Sarah Green for Thomas Newton 5. Southern Coupe Cricket, Kate Argo for Jennifer Daly 6T. Max and Leonardo

Puddle PSOT 1. Leonardo, 2T Hakuna Matata and Good Samaritan, Katharina Ravichandran for Jenn Daly 4. What Luck! Kate Voelmle for Jennifer Daly 5. Tiny Dancer, Cece MacDonald for Wakefield Farm 6. Max

Puddle OT 1. Waiting for a Hero 2. Hakuna Matata 3. Tiny Dancer

Novice, II,2b 1. Good Samaritan

Novice Ch/Ad, II,2b 1. Leonardo 2. Hakuna Matata 3. What Luck! 4. Skipping to the Lark 5. Waiting for a Hero 6. Good Samaritan

Novice Ch/Ad, II,2c 1. Good Samaritan 2. Skipping to the Lark 3. Southern Coupe Cricket 4. Waiting for a Hero 5. Hakuna Matata 6. What Luck!

Novice Ch/Ad, II,1 1. Good Samaritan 2. Southern Coupe Cricket 3. Hakuna Matata 4. Leonardo 5. Waiting for a Hero

Low, II,2b 1. Stardust 2. Rosie, Sarah Pooler for Waverly 3. Wendall, Virginia Butler for Jennifer Daly 4. Local Color, Katie Define for Jennifer Daly 5. Prize, Leah Hoffman for Jennifer Daly

Low, II,2c 1. Local Color 2. Wendall 3. Rosie 4. Stardust

Low, II,1 1. Stardust 2. Local Color 3. Zensational, Baily Dent 4. Wendall 5. Rosie

Ch/Adult Eq 1. Katie Define 2. Evalina Caruccio 3. Courtenay Baber 4. Virginia Butler 5.

Ch/Ad, II,2b 1. Prize, Katie Define for Jenn Daly 2. Dyami, Courteney Baber for Gray Horse Farm 3. Venus, Courteney Baber for Gray Horse Farm 4. Dare County Duck, Calla Williamson for David & Ginger Ashcom

Ch/Ad, II,2c 1. Prize 2. Dare County Duck 3. Dyami

Ch/Ad, II,1 1. Prize 2. Dyami 3. Venus 4. Dare County Duck

Schooling, II,2b 1. Dyami, 2. Dare County Duck 3. Venus

Schooling, II,2c 1. Dyami 2. Venus 3. Dare County Duck

Schooling, II,1 1. Venus 2. Dyami 3. Dare County Duck

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