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Taylor Wilkerson riding "Quince", Handy Hunter Class-Fox Ridge farm. Photo courtesy of Cathy Summers Photography

Saturday, April 6th, 2019
Results and Report by Stephanie Guerlain and Liz King, Photography by Cathy Summers

 Around the Pond (2' and Hilltopper)                                           Judge: Ms. Robin Lundgren
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                                           Photos courtesy of Cathy Summers Photography

Jr. Warm-Up 1. French Connection, Caroline Cox 2. Amelia Bedelia, Cece Macdonald for Mckinleigh Dezio 3. First Glance Obsession, Charlotte Bassett 4. What Luck! Kate Voemle for Jennifer Daly 5. Blue Clear Sky, Casey Brown      6. Skipping to the Lark, Josie Galvin for Jennifer Galvin 

Jr. Field Hunter 1. Max, Claire ? for Jennifer Daly 2. Skipping to the Lark 3. Tiny Dancer, Delaney Jones for Wakefield Farm 4. Amelia Bedelia 5. What Luck! 6. Blue Paris, Meghan Murray for Wakefield farm

Jr. Handy Hunter 1. Tiny Dancer 2. Amelia Bedelia 3. Blue Paris 4. First Glance Obsession      

Jr. Hunter Hack 1. Scarlett, Mattie Foster 2. Oscar the Sharkslayer, Gabrielle Shriver     

 Sr. Warm-Up 1. French Connection, Caroline Cox 2. Tastykakes, Carolyn Brandt 3. I Know Why, Mary Shriver 4. Honeymoon, Rebecca Barber                

Sr. Field Hunter 1. Blue Clear Sky 2. Honeymoon 3. Avalon, Courtney Fraser for Wakefield farm 4. Pedregal, Rebecca Barber 5. Tastykakes 6. I Know Why                                                                       

Sr. Handy Hunter 1. Hakuna Matata, McKenzie Harper 2. Local Color, Jennifer Daly 3. Skipping to the Lark, Jennifer Galvin 4. French Connection 5. Blue Clear Sky 6. Avalon                                    

Sr. Hunter Hack 1. French Connection 2. Honeymoon 3. Tastykakes

 Pairs 1. Max & Local Color 2. What Luck! & Chester, Carla Talmadge for Charles Durbin 3. Gretchen, Meredith Martin & Monkey, Judy Berger 4. Hakuna Matata & Avalon 5. Oscar the Sharkslayer & I Know Why 6. First Glance Obsession & Skipping to the Lark

Teams 1. Tiny Dancer, Amelia Bedelia & Blue Paris    
Hilltoppers 1. Avalon 2. Scarlett 3. Oscar the Sharkslayer        


Over Yonder (2'6" - 3'0")                          Judges: Mr. W. Patrick Butterfield, & Mr. Tom Bishop

Warm-up 1. Dora Cymbeline, Kip Holloway for Jane Dudinsky; 2. Sinatra, Rachel McMahan for Jackie Arends 3. Satchmo, Deborah Wray 4. Hobnobbin, Mark Thompson 5. Flirtatious, Rebecca Barber for Frankie Brittain 6. Slew’s Best Quality, Alexandra Austin for Colleen Bassett

Field Hunter 1. Hobnobbin 2. Dora Cymbeline 3. Satchmo 4. Slew’s Best Quality 5. Sunday Petition, Stephanie Guerlain for Mary Kalergis 6. Zeus, Baily Dent for Karen Bull

Handy Hunter 1. Dora Cymbeline 2. Satchmo 3. Clarity Bethany Wood     for Wakefield Farm 4. Zeus 5. Suave Jazz, Anita Vere-Nicoll 6. Quince, Taylor Wilkerson for Beth Sutton

Hack 1. Sinatra 2. Satchmo 3. Dora Cymbeline 4. Johnny Red, Robin Ellis 5. Suave Jazz

Pairs 1. Johnny Red & Suave Jazz 2. Box Office Smash & Deseré, Peyton Brandt for Grace Hale 3. Burrito & Zeus

"Thank You all "Letter from Liz King, event manager

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Shelly Thompson, Stephanie Guerlain, Kay Barquin and Nan Young volunteered at the secretary stand

I want to send a shout out to my great volunteers Saturday  Nan Young Joy Crompton Kay Barquin Nancy L. Howell Michelle Thompson Mary Buford Hitz Sherry Nedzbala Trina Player. Stephanie GuerlainBecky Barlow. Schuyler Taylor Fellows Wilkerson I can’t thank you enough!!!
Hunter Trails had the most competitors and spectators ever!!! Judges as always thank you! Pat William Butterfield Thomas B. Bishop Robin Lundgren!!
And to top it off The Land Owners Brian and Colleen Bassett your farm is Gorgeous, even with the rain all day Friday, the footing was great! 

Results courtesy of Stephanie Guerlain with Liz King. Complete photos available: visit Cathy Summers Photography

Hunt Line: (434) 978-1107

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