Farmington Ends the Season in High Spirits!

Saturday, March 16, 2019,Farmington Hunt Meet with Deep Run Hunt from Richmond

Millington Stable, Free Union VA

report by Elizabeth H. Sutton
Photos courtesy of V. Joyce, E.H.Sutton

Last weekend brought beautiful blue skies, clear running rivers and a welcome dry day for fifty plus riders that met at Millington for the final day of our formal season of fox hunting.Despite unseasonably wet weather that stalled a number of meets mid winter, its been another wonderful year of outstanding sport. Many thanks to FHC masters Pat Butterfield, Liz King, Kip Holloway and Joy Crompton for their excellent leadership and for the hard work of our staff, huntsman Matthew Cook with kennelman Alec Beard and Ken Chapman to asist! Brian Barquin and Chris Cuthbert always stay busy during every hunt with radios and tracking collars patrolling the road and keeping hounds safe, Brian hustled on Saturday and all work together including a fantastic pack of hounds.  Saturday  at least one fox was found immediately and took the field of visitors from Deep Run, along with a big group from Millington, along with FHC fox hunters riding in all three flights, across almost 10 miles of country from the meet at Millington, across the Moormans below and through Hunting and Fox Ridge farms all the way to Georgetown and back. Three hours later a merry crowd gathered to enjoy a feast provided by volunteers from the club and organized by Mary Minor Henderson, and a crew of helpers with Linda Uihlein.

Here are a few highlights from Saturday. Lots more can be found online: see FHC Facebook, group page as well as Cathy Summers Photography and Elizabeth Sutton Photos.

FHC group20190316 joyce
(Joyce Photo) After the hunt riders gathered for a hunt breakfast at Millington! Pictured From left: (most):

Brian Barquin,C.Chapman,Liz King, Kip Holloway, Anita Vere-Nicoll,Will Henderson, Charlotte Delany, Kay Barquin, Shelly Thompson, Dorothy Chuuy, Elizabeth Uffelman, and (kneeling) Linda Uihlein.
field home redgate03162019 0719
Jennifer Campbell leads with riders from second and third flights hacking home across "Red Gate" field near the Millington Road.(Sutton photo)

pbutterfield moormans03162019 0641w
W.Pat Butterfield crossing the Moormans River below Fox Ridge farm (Sutton photo)

mcook 0647w
Matthew Cook and hounds with staff, heading home along "Percy Wood" driveway near Millington Rd.(Sutton photo)



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