mariashannon bjkorol w10 27 2018 0333 
Maria Bishop Shannon and Chicago,Working Hunter Champion, Grand Hunter Champion with B.J. Korol

The Barracks, Charlottesville VA

October 27, 2018
Photos by E.H.Sutton

Report from Stephen Bickers,Show Secretary

October 27, 2018
Judges: Jenny Old-Powell, Jennifer Fessler, Robin Mellen

Schooling Hunter Ch: Be Bravo, Jackie Arends (Rachel McMahon)
Res: Vizier, Nokomis Farm (Jill Wilson)
Green Hunter Ch: Final Four, Brad Booker (Emmaline Booker)
Res: Captivate, Ashleigh Dove
Working Hunter Ch: Chicago, The Barracks, (Maria Shannon)
Res: Captivate, Ashleigh Dove
Adult Hunter Ch: Ravello, The Barracks (Kate Elliott)
Res: Wilco, Mohammad Attar (Jason Mabry)
Children's Hunter Ch: Final Four, Brad Booker (Emmaline Booker)
Res: Castleton, The Barracks (Grace Ayyildiz)
Hunter Pleasure Ch: Quarter Final, Brad Booker (Caroline Booker)
Res: Gran Cru, The Barracks (Linda Blum)
Young Entry Hunter Ch: Blue Clear Sky, Wakefield Farm (Delaney Jones)
Res: Quarter Final, Brad Booker (Caroline Booker)
Side Saddle Hunter Ch: Epilogue, Amanda Ramey
Pony Hunter Champion: Chinook, Isabella Karr
Res: Stuart Little, Paula McConnell (Josie Galvin)
Short Stirrup Hunter Champion: The Crowne Prince, Lake Bassett
Skipping to the Lark: Kelly Schotts (Kate Voelmle)
Pre-Short Stirrup Equitation Champion: Saunders Miller
RES: India Mooney

Grand Hunter Champion: Chicago, The Barracks
Leading Junior Rider: Emmaline Booker

Schooling Hunters: 1. Be Bravo; 2. Punk Rocker, Thomas Hart (Baily Hale Dent; 3. Senatra, Jackie Arends (Rachel McMahon); 4. Rupert, Wakefield Farm (Bethany Wood); 5. Small Advantage Don Stewart (Hugh Turner); 6. Corona, Perryhill Farm (Rachel Perry).
Schooling Hunters: 1. Be Bravo; 2. Vizier; 3. Rupert; 4. Punk Rocker; 5. Small Advantage; 6. Corona.
Schooling Hunters under saddle: 1. Vizier; 2. Punk Rocker; 3. Rupert; 4. Corona; 5. Elusive Breeze, Joy Crompton; 6. Senatra.
Green Hunters: 1. Captivate; 2. Forrest Hill, Nokomis Farm (Jill Wilson); 3. Final Four; 4. Punk Rocker; 5. Tollymore Road, Maria Shannon (Glenna Pritzlaff); 6. Elusive Breeze.
Green Hunters: 1. Vizier; 2. Be Bravo; 3. Punk Rocker; 4. Captivate; 5. Tollymore Road; 6. Final Four.
Green Hunters under saddle: 1. Final Four; 2. Tollymore Road; 3. Quite Foxy, Krysia Nelson; 4. Punk Rocker; 5. Vizier.
Working Hunters: 1. Chicago; 2. Captivate; 3. Small Advantage; 4. Corona; 5. Quite Foxy.
Working Hunters: 1. Chicago; 2. Small Advantage; 3. Corona; 4. Captivate; 5. Quite Foxy.
Working Hunters under saddle: 1. Chicago; 2. Captivate; 3. Corona.
Adult Hunter: 1. Wilco; 2. Ravello; 3. Falcon, The Barracks (Kathryn Clapp); 4. Wizard, The Barracks (Frances Knight); 5. Moonlight Bay, Rachel Morris; 6. Sircusa, The Barracks (Jennifer Cruz).
Adult Hunter: 1. Ravello; 2. Costar, Madeleine Lohr (Alexandra Lohr); 3. Sircusa; 4. Moonlight Bay; 5. Zeus, Karen Bull; 6. Wilco.
Adult Hunter under saddle: 1. Ravello; 2. Tollymore Road; 3. Costar; 4. Falcon; 5. Wilco; 6. Sircusa.
VHSA Associate Children's/Adult Equitation: 1. Alexandra Lohr; 2. Lainey Butler; 3. Katie Define; 4. Charlotte Bassett; 5. Anesia Estes.
Children's Hunter: 1. Castleton; 2. Noble, Charlotte Bassett; 3. Hakuna Matata, Summer Powell (Lainey Butler); 4. Ludvig, Rebecca Ogbourne (Isabella Karr); 5. Final Four; 6. Double Trouble, Dylan Schultheis.
Children's Hunter: 1. Final Four; 2. Castleton; 3. Prize, Jenn Daly (Katie Define); 4. Noble; 5. Double Trouble; 6. Ludvig.
Children's Hunter under saddle: 1. Final Four; 2. Hakuna Matata; 3. Castleton; 4. Ludvig; 5. Noble; 6. Outfoxed, Cadeaux Show Satbles (Anesia Estes).
Young Entry Hunter: 1. Blue Clear Sky; 2. Box Office Smash, Charlotte Delaney (Ali DiChiara); 3. Quarter Final.
Young Entry Hunter 1. Blue Clear Sky; 2. Box Office Smash; 3. Quarter Final; 4. Amelia Bedelia, McKinleigh Dezio (Meghan Murray).
Young Entry Hunter under saddle: 1. Quarter Final; 2. Blue Clear Sky; 3. Box Office Smash; 4. Amelia Bedelia.
Pony Hunter: 1. Stuart Little; 2. Chinook; 3. Stardust, Evalina Caruccio; 4. Twizzler, Anne Grachus (Meghan Murray).
Pony Hunter: 1. Chinook; 2. Stardust; 3. Stuart Little; 4. Twizzler.
Pony Hunter under saddle: 1. Chinook; 2. Twizzler; 3. Stardust; 4. Stuart Little.
Side Saddle Hunter Hack: 1. Epilogue.
Side Saddle Hunter over fences: 1. Epilogue.
Short Stirrup Hunter under saddle: 1. The Crowne Prince; 2. Langhorne, The Barracks, (Kate Reilly); 3. Skipping to the Lark; 4. Point ‘N’ Shoot, The Barracks (Grace Brown).
Short Stirrup Hunter: 1. The Crowne Prince; 2. Point ‘N’ Shoot; 3. Skipping to the Lark; 4. Langhorne.
Short Stirrup Hunter: 1. The Crowne Prince; 2. Skipping to the Lark; 3. Point ‘N’ Shoot; 4. Langhorne.
Leadline: 1. Ellie Williams.
Pre Short Stirrup Walk: 1. Saunders Miller; 2. India Mooney.
Pre Short Stirrup Walk, Trot: 1. India Mooney; 2. Saunders Miller.
Pre Short Stirrup Walk, Trot, Tests: 1. Saunders Miller; 2. India Mooney.
Hunter Pleasure Horse/Pony Walk/Trot: 1. Quarter Final; 2. Diodoro, The Barracks (Ashley Hudson); 3. The Crown Prince; 4. Chelsie, Marcy Bishop (Cadence Ball); 5. Cran Cru, The Barracks (Linda Blum); 6. Farnley Rosencavalier, Ashley DeWoolfson (Addison Bzdak).
Hunter Pleasure Horse/Pony Go As You Please: 1. Diodoro; 2. Gran Cru; 3. Quarter Final; 4. Chelsie; 5. The Crowne Prince; 6. Right On Target, Tillie Hall.
Hunter Pleasure Horse: 1. Quarter Final; 2. Gran Cru; 3. Right On Target; 4. Epilogue; 5. The Crowne Prince; 6. Chelsie.
Low Jumper: 1. Reagan, The Barracks (Addie Locke); 2. Noble; 3. (Tie) Stardust; 3. (Tie) Storm of Casia, Elizabeth and David Frasinelli (Rebecca Barber).
Costume Class: 1. Barco Van’t Hogindic, The Barracks (Maria Shannon); 2. Reagan; 3. Stardus; 4. Noble; 5. Just North, The Barracks (Kathryn Dotterweich).
Schooling Jumper: 1. Winter Rose, Wakefield Farm (Bethany Wood); 2. Faline, Wakefield Farm (Bethany Wood); 3. Just North; 4. Storm of Casia.
Modified Jumper: 1. Barco Van’t Hogindic; 2. Winter Rose.

barrackshow10 27 2018w 0292
Green Hunter Champion, at the Barracks Farm

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