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Reported by Stephanie Guerlain

Saturday August 5, Millington Stables

A jumper derby consists of courses that are a fun mixture of stadium and cross-country type obstacles. This year, we kept the courses in the ring due to all the rain we’ve been having. Baily Dent designed a very nice track that had some steering challenges, but everyone rose to the challenge and had a great day. Thanks to everyone who helped to set up and run the show, including Liz King, Jay Fennell and Carolyn Brandt as jump crew, Linda Uihlein at the gate, Kay Barquin and Karen Bull as announcers, Cynthia Riegle, Sally Powers, Becky Barlow, Tara Kurtz as secretaries, Stephanie Guerlain as judge, and Nancy Howell as Timer.  Special thanks to area trainer Debb Pyle for bringing two horses and also stepping in to help jump crew!

For the Tadpole and Baby Green levels, the first class of the division is judged on rider equitation and smoothness of the ride. For higher levels, the first class of the division is scored based on jump penalties with ties broken based on closest to "Optimum Time". The second class is Table II,2b (2nd round jump-off if first round is clear). Third class is "gambler's choice" (riders get points for every jump cleared within one minute: 10 points for jumps heading home, 20 points for jumps heading away, 30 points for jumps going straight across the ring). Oxers must be jumped in the correct direction, otherwise jumps can be taken from either direction and may be jumped as many times as desired, but no jump may be jumped two times in a row. If a jump is knocked down, points do not count and it may not be jumped again.



Eq on the Flat 1. Taylor Dunthorn 2. Lilly Mehl

Tadpole Eq O/F 1. Lauren Connors 2. Audrey Brown 3. Jenny Rosner

Tadpole Jump-Off 1. Cacho, Lauren Connors 2. Lil TNT, Jenny Rosner 3. Deposit Slip, Audrey Brown 4. Box Office Smash, Lilly Mehl

Tadpole Gambler’s Choice 1. Box Office Smash 2. Cacho 3. Deposit Slip 4. Lil TNT

Beginner Novice Opt Time 1. Currahee, John Digney 2. Finn, Kip Holloway 3. Pacifica, Caroline Keville for Debb Pyle 4. Positively Macho, Olivia Stanley 5. Scirroco, Taylor Wilkerson for Liz King 6. Elusive Breeze, Joy Crompton

Beg Nov J/O 1. Positively Macho 2. Currance 3. Pacifica 4. Elusive Breeze 5. Finn 6. Scirroco

Beg Nov Gambler’s Choice 1. Pacifica 2. Positively Macho 3. Daffodil, Taylor Dunthorn for Millington Stables 4. Elusive Breeze

Novice Opt Time 1. VCR Latinus, Brynn Sprinkle for Debb Pyle 2. Fortunate, Jackson Schurtz for Gail Neal 3. Finn 4. Currahee

Novice J/O and GC 1. VCR Latinus


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