ecowles spooktacular
Evie Cowles
and Slewy dragging Nemo, photo courtesy Suzanne Dennis

Reported by Lara Morris

FHC held a popular de-spooking clinic on August 12 at Ann Sutherland and Ray Keller’s beautiful Toad Hollow Farm.  The clinic provided its 24 participants 21 obstacles including a pinwheel, spiderwebs, curtains, a fog machine, a trash pit and a teeter-totter in the indoor as well as an outdoor trail with several more obstacles including jumps and a bridge.  We saw all kinds of horses and riders-- from kids riding their ponies to trainers riding green off-track thoroughbreds, from hunt horses to western-clad gaited horses, in-hand yearlings to mounted experts-- Spooktacular had a fun and educational experience for everyone.  

Organizers Suzanne Dennis, Shawnee Baker, and Kelsie Timbie worked tirelessly to gather all the obstacles as well as set them up the day before and organize the volunteers.  They would like to express extreme thanks to Ann and Ray for allowing the use of their facility and also for taking the time to build the outdoor course-- including the bridge!  Other hard-working volunteers included Michelle Fultano, Chris and Jebb Cuthbert, Libby Terrell, Christine and Taylor Overman, Mary Minor Henderson, Leo Scholl, Liz Webber, Carter Mcneely, Tara Kurtz, Sue Garfinkel, Lynne Allen, Jeanne Marie Faulconer, Carolyn Chapman, Lyn Deane Harris, Paula Griggs, Kim Gall, Renee Shifflett, and John Elliott.  Much thanks to everyone for their hard work and creative thinking to develop this special FHC activity.

group spooktacular
What a hard-working set-up crew! Volunteer Jebb Cuthbert, facility owners-extraordinaire Ann Sutherland and Ray Keller, and co-organizer Suzanne Dennis.

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