Reported by Joy Crompton

The Foxhunting Clinic took place at Millington on August 18 with many participants, several of whom were non-FHC members and new to hunting. Liz King organized the event and worked with the non-jumping group while Joy Crompton and Kip Holloway helped the more advanced group.

The morning session was in the ring and concentrated on safety such as spacing and getting horses used to another passing or leaving. Once they split into two groups, the jumpers did gymnastic exercises then moved outside the ring over coop and logs ending with the bank jump in and out of the arena. Both groups had an opportunity to practice opening and shutting gates.

After lunch break, all went across country and practiced things that might occur in a hunt –“ware Hound and Staff”, “Reverse Field”, “Ware hole”, “Gate please”. The jumpers got to practice over hunt coops and all had a chance to cross the river and cement bridge.

Matthew and Staff provided a nice morning hunt from The Kennels for Hunt Clinic participants. Hounds worked well and two foxes were viewed. Following the hunt was a breakfast provided by Carter McNeely, Nan Young and Ann Horner. Matthew entertained all with his horn calls and Joy did a clothing talk.

There were many nice horses and good riders attending all of whom did well with the exercises and finished feeling good about their progress!

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