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Carol Ham, Will Henderson, Nancy Howell and guest Nancy McCoy, photo courtesy Laura Butler
"Țhank you to my Farmington family for making my Wisconsin guest feel so welcome! You are such a special group! Whether 15 or 50 you have us covered!" Laura Butler

 Inaugural Poker Pace Event Rocks!

Saturday,July 21 "The Barracks", Charlottesville, VA. Farmington Hunt Club hosted a Poker Pace Event with 91 riders over a course that included rolling fields, a stream or two and beautiful views over some of our oldest and great, open hunt country. From everyone who participated and the many volunteers that made things go smoothly on this glorious summer day, the club counted this as a solid win !

Event report by  Robin Ellis, Event Coordinator

FHC Poker Pace 2018 Report

Thank you to all who made this event such a success!!!:

Co-Chairs- Robin Ellis, Kip Holloway, Deborah Wray
Course Designer- Joy Crompton
Course Clearing/building- Mathew Cook, Josh Taylor, Joy
Crompton, Robin Ellis
Poker Dealers - Kay Barquin, Michele Fultano, Howard Miller,
Margaret Nash, Deborah Wray
Hand Judge - Paul King
Secretaries- Dale Dealtrey, Carolyn Chapman
Marketing- Robin Ellis, Stephanie Guerlain
Lunch Committee Chair: Trina Player
Tent & tables: Matthew Cook & Josh Taylor
Flower arrangements: Trina Player
Web support: Stephanie Guerlain
Course Clean up: Joy Crompton, Sherry Nedzbala, Robin Ellis

A huge thank you to the land owners: The Barracks, the Burns Family, the Fox Family, the Carrs,Louise McConnell and the Mercer Garnetts. Everyone who donated food. And all the Participants.

Results: Adult Winner with a full house (9’s & 3’s): Mary Quinn Martin Ferguson (who donated back her winnings)
Junior Winner: Emily Sears with a pair of Jacks (winnings donated by Kip Holloway)

91 riders and $$ earned !

Comments from the crowd:

"What an amazing day and successful event! Thank you so much Robin Ellis for taking the reins, educating us all on our first "Poker" Pace, and having everything so organized." Kip Holloway

"Thank YOU and everyone else. Wonderful day!! Wonderful weather! Wonderful folks to work with." Robin Ellis

"Today’s event was lots of fun! Many thanks to the heroic trail clearing done by FHC and a wonderful course mapped out by trail masters and event organizers. Bravo Robin Ellis, Joy CROMPTON and your hard working team. It was awesome ?and really fine to ride back in that good old hunt territory, thank you landowners Burns, Garnett's,Carrs, McConnell and Bishops for allowing us to be at The Barracks." Beth Sutton with Connie Laudenschlager
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Tiffany Snell, Suzanne P. Dennis team photo courtesy S.Dennis
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"The Farmington Poker Pace was so much fun
Thanks for a great ride and an awesome lunch!!" Suzanne P. Dennis with Tiffany Snell

 Winning hands! Kip Holloway, photo courtesy P. King

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Adult winner: Mary Quinn Martin Ferguson with a Full House (9's and 3's)
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Junior winner: Emily Sears with a pair of Jacks

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