Reported by Lara Morris

Jenn Daly Jumper Show Spring 2018
Jennifer Daly riding One Moment, photo provided by Cathy Summers

This Sunday April 29, riders of all levels ignored some unseasonable windy and chilly weather and gathered to sail over jumps at the VHSA recognized jumper show hosted by Jennifer Daly and Bertha Durbin at the Durbin Arena on Catterton Road.  With classes from crossrails up to 3'6" and several equitation offerings, there was a place for everyone to hone their skills under the watchful eye of our judge Stephen Bickers.  

Entries were a fantastic mix of local young riders, hunt club members, and professionals.  All told we gathered 47 horse and rider combinations.  Standing at the in-gate, all reviews were excellent-- from trainers encouraging us to run more shows, to first time visitors praising the lovely time.  A contingent from Hope's Legacy Equine Rescue lead by Maya Proulx provided food for spectators and competitiors.  It was a  wonderful day of horseshowing for all.

The show could not have run so smoothly and successfully without a well organized troup of FHC volunteers.  As always, Stephanie Guerlain provided excellent organization for the event, promoting it and handling entries as well as signing up volunteers.  From there, two shifts took over-- the AM crew saw Shelly Thompson and Put Spaulding at the secretary stand, Kim Gall as parking attendant, Linda Uihlein as timer, Reynolds Cowles and Carolyn Chapman working the in-gate and jump crew, and Lynne Allen announcing.  The PM crew brought some sun with them, as Kay Barquin and Dorothy Chhuy ran secretary, Kip Holloway took over the timer, Nancy Howell ran the in-gate, Chris Cuthbert picked up the fallen rails, and Jebb Cuthbert became announcer.

Results as follow:

Cross Rails – A
1. Spyder, Katharina Ravischandran for Jennifer Daly
2. Pickles, Lauren Kirby for Susan White
3. Skippy, Claire Thompson for The Galvins
4. Breezeway Magpie, Lauren Adams
5. Kid Again, Kate Argo for Jennifer Daly
6. Forest, Clem Clement for Louise Ruttledge

Cross Rails – B
1. Spyder
2. Forest
3. Aurabella, Jen Carson
4. Breezeway Magpie
5. Chief Lauren Shires for Kc Meadows
6. Kid Again

Puddle Jumpers –A
1. Pickles
2. True Victoria Joyce
3. Forest
4. Aurabella
5. Alexander Anne Tyler A Paulek
6. Butterscotch Clem Clement

Puddle Jumpers –B
1. Alexander
2. Butterscotch
3. Sterling Silver, Holly Uhler for Montanova Stables Foundation
4. Chief
5. Pickles

Novice Jumper –A
1. Oakfield's Lillianne Jennifer Daly for Bertha Durbin
2. Butterscotch
3. One Moment Jennifer Daly
4. Blush Clem Clement for Kim Hahn
5. Song Clem Clement for Sam English
6. Scirocco Julie Mallia for Elizabeth King

Novice Jumper –B
1. Oakfield's Lillianne
2. One Moment
3. Scirocco
4. Blush
5. Butterscotch
6. Ace Maggie Kittrell for Millington Stables

Novice Children’s/Adult Jumper –A
1. Stardust Evalina Caruccio
2. Cricket Lainey Butler for Jennifer Daly
3. Penny Louise Carelsen for Phyllis Jones
4. Stuart Little Josie Galvin for Paula McConnell
5. Alexander
6. Half Mask Mary Quinn Martin for KC Meadows

Novice Children’s/Adult Jumper –B
1. Stardust
2. Cricket
3. Stuart Little
4. Penny
5. Half Mask
6. Chinook Isabella Karr for Liz king

Low Jumper –A
1. Cricket
2. Stardust
3. Zensational Baily Dent
4T. Dymai Courtenay Baber for Doubletree Farm
4T. Scirocco
6. Elusive Breeze Joy Crompton

Low Jumper –B
1. Stardust
2. Dymai
3. Zensational
4. Elusive Breeze
5. Scirocco

Thoroughbred Jumper A & B:
1. Ocean Bluff, Julie Innes Caruccio
2. Haiku a Matata, Katie Define for Summer Powell

VHSA Associate Child/Adult Equitation O/F
1. Katie Define
2. Rachel Morris

Children’s/Adult Jumper – A
1. Box Office Smash, Charlotte Delany
2. Hobnobbin, Mark Thompson
3. Venus, Courtenay Baber
4T. Dare County Duck, Calla Williamson for David & Ginger Ashcom & Spring Mountain-DAM LTD
4T. Dymai

Children’s/Adult Jumper – B
1. Desi Peyton Brandt for Grace Hale
2. Box Office Smash
3. Dare County Duck
4. Ocean Bluff
5. Dymai
6. Hobnobbin

Schooling Jumper – A
1. Prize, Katie Define for Jenn Daly
2. Dare County Duck
3. Local Color, Jennifer Daly
4. Venus

Schooling Jumper – B
1. Prize
2. Local Color
3T. Dare County Duck
3T. Venus

Modified Jumper – A
1. Dare County Duck
2. Brooklyn, Stephanie Guerlain
3. Local Color

Modified Jumper – B
1. Brooklyn

Please check out photos from Cathy Summers


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