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89 riders and teams including participants from FHC and Virginia hunts visiting from afar enjoyed a great course over some of our best countryside, followed by delicious refreshments -Fun day last Sunday!
photo courtesy of Nancy Howell

Hunter Pace 2017
Final event in the annual Virginia Fall Hunter Pace Series

report by Carolyn Chapman and Nancy Howell

"The fall hunter pace took place at a new venue -Jenn Daly’s "Indian Spring Farm", Catterton Rd. Free Union VA.
89 people showed up with the hope that the rain on Saturday would not carry thru which it did not. All were treated to a great display of food thanks to Nancy Howell. Matthew had made a great course over country not hunted often. Many small and regular jumps were found. All declared it a great course . Thank you Matthew for the excellent course layout, and Thanks BJ for helping us get everyone signed in and registered. The day went off without a hitch!

Report from the food organizer, Nancy Howell:

I want to thank Liz King for the warm servings of soup and that gorgeous cake! Kay Barquin for the warm savory meatball sliders and her chicken salad sandwiches. Tracy Kilpatrick for the awesome edamame and pasta salads and those scrumptious Chocolate brittle bars! Elizabeth Uffleman for her yummy pumpkin bread and Dale Dealtrey for her tasty salads. Ann Horner for all those delicious cookies. A big thank you to Karen Bull and Locke Ogens for supplying all the drinks and ice! Also a shout out to Michelle Fultano for being there and helping me out again!!

Thank you all for coming and if ribbons are desired let me know."

1. Shelly Thompson. Reynolds Cowles
2. Brookhill Farm II
3 Joanne and Lance Le Clair
4 Rosie Campbell. Chris’s Allen

1 Sophie Ogilvie. Mimi Paixas
1 Spring Breeze Farm Team
2. Jeni Galvin. Josie Galvin. Claire Thompson
3 Bella Karr. Julian Maille. Dylan Schultheis
3 Charlotte Bassett. Liz King
4 Julie Caruccio Evalina Caruccio

1. Siska Matiuk. Liz Riley
1. Tina Malian. Kathleen Anderson. Dana Moore. Ann Marie Sutter
2 Jeff Bodine. Janie Richards. Lauren Adams
2 Rosie McMillan. Tracy Norman
3 Elizabeth Hobbs. Stephanie Ammons. Heather Tolefson
4 Carter McNeely Emma Bittle

Additional awards: report from K. Butterfield

"Each year we give the Andrea Wittjen Overall Closest to the Time Award at our fall hunter pace. Andrea was an avid and fearless fox hunter from the time of her arrival in Charlottesville until her death, and she loved competing in hunter pace events. In her memory, the team that comes closest to the time for their division is recognized by having their names added to the plaque kept in the Clubhouse. This year the award goes to Reynolds Cowles and Shelly Thompson, who were only one minute off of the time for the Hunter division. Congratulations to them!"

****News Bulletin: from Kip Holloway:Jennifer Campbell and Ann Riley tied for first place in the Hunter Division of the Fall Fun Hunter Pace series. Congratulations!!!!




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