report from  Stephen Bickers
October 28, 2017
Judges: E. Sue Bopp, Davera Ackenbom, Robin Mellen

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Emily B. Rector with Caitlin Hewitt Schurtz, photo courtesy of E. Rector

Schooling Hunter Ch: Orion, Kate Elliott
Res: Tonic, Alicia Marshall (Jackson Schurtz)
Green Hunter Ch: Final Four, Brad Booker (Jackson Schurtz & Emmaline Booker)
Res: Barrister, Kim Short (Jackson Schurtz)
Working Hunter Ch: Wistful, Stacey McFadden LLC (Stacey McFadden)
Res: Zambo, Sally Simons (Grace Ayyildiz)
Adult Hunter Ch: Orchidaceous, Caitlin Hewitt Schurtz
Res: Another Man, The Barracks (Riley Casey)
Children's Hunter Ch: Final Four, Brad Booker (Emmaline Booker)
Res: Prize, Jenn Daly (Katie Define)
Hunter Pleasure Ch: Gran Cru, The Barracks (Linda Blum)
Res: Lexus, Suzanne Chistensen (Lauren Kirby)
Young Entry Hunter Ch: Avalon, Wakefield Farm (Rachel Murray)
Res: Blue Paris, Wakefield Farm (Meghan Murray)
Side Saddle Hunter Ch: Epilogue, Amanda Ramey
Res: The Quiet Man, Sally Lamb (Liz Dunwell)
Grand Hunter Champion: Wistful, Stacey McFadden LLC
Leading Junior Rider: Emmaline Booker
Schooling Hunters: 1. Barrister; 2. Orion; 3. My Way, Stefanie Gordinier; 4. Rupert, Bethany Wood; 5. PL Diamond Lace, Carly Cowherd; 6. Tonic.
Schooling Hunters: 1. Orion; 2. Barrister; 3. Tonic; 4. My Way; 5. Rupert; 6. King of Rock, Bridget Harrison.
Schooling Hunters under saddle: 1. Tonic; 2. King of Rock; 3. My Way; 4. Orion.
Green Hunters: 1. Final Four; 2. Captivate, Ashleigh Dove (Maria Shannon); 3. Barrister; 4. Fair 'n Square, Stefanie Gordinier (Maria Shannon); 5. Ludwig, Rebecca Duffield (Baily Hale Dent); 6. Serendipity, Vivian Zetterstrom (Maria Shannon).
Green Hunters: 1. Barrister; 2. Captivate; 3. Final Four; 4. Fair 'N Square; 5. Serendipity; 6. Ludwig.
Green Hunters under saddle: 1. Fair 'N Square; 2. Final Four; 3. Captivate; 4. Barrister; 5. Ludwig.
Working Hunters: 1. Wistful; 2. Zambo; 3. Anna Karina, Frankie Brittain (Jenn Daly); 4. Brooklyn, Stephanie Guerlain (Baily Hale Dent).
Working Hunters: 1. Wistful; 2. Zambo; 3. Anna Karina; 4. Brooklyn.
Working Hunters under saddle: 1. Wistful; 2. Zambo; 3. Anna Karina.
Leadline: 1. Bre Ramey; 2. Duncan Innes; 3. Mckinleigh Dezio; 4. Jules Ramey.
Adult Hunter: 1. Captivate; 2. My Way; 3. Orchidaceous; 4. Another Man; 5. Bethany, The Barracks (Aly Howse); 6. Carrera, The Barracks (Addie Lock).
Adult Hunter: 1. Orchidaceous; 2. Destination, Taylor Harvey (Suzanne Harvey); 3. Another Man; 4. Bethany; 5. PL Diamond Lace; 6. Captivate.
Adult Hunter under saddle: 1. Orchidaceous; 2. Another Man; 3. Destination; 4. My Way; 5. Bethany; 6. Carrera.
VHSA Associate Children's/Adult Equitation: 1. Stephanie Guerlain; 2. Katie Define; 3. Riley Casey; 4. Lauren Kirby.
Children's Hunter: 1. Final Four; 2. Lexus; 3. Prize.
Children's Hunter: 1. Prize; 2. Final Four; 3. Lexus.
Children's Hunter under saddle: 1. Final Four; 2. Lexus; 3. Prize.
Hunter Pleasure Horse/Pony Walk/Trot: 1. Lexus; 2. Gran Cru; 3. Zensational, Baily Hale Dent; 4. Double Trouble, Dylan Schultheis; 5. Excalibur, Lynne Gebhard (Caroline Daugherty); 6. Slew of Lucky Stars, Jenn Daly (Daniella Lee).
Hunter Pleasure Horse/Pony Go As You Please: 1. Gran Cru; 2. Lexus; 3. Double Trouble; 4. Zensational; 5. Excalibur; 6. Slew of Lucky Stars.
Hunter Pleasure Horse: 1. Gran Cru; 2. Lexus; 3. Excalibur; 4. Double Trouble; 5. Slew of Lucky Stars; 6. Zensational.
Short Stirrup Hunter under saddle: 1. Excalibur.
Short Stirrup Hunter: 1. Excalibur.
Short Stirrup Hunter: 1. Excalibur.
Young Entry Hunter: 1. Avalon; 2. Blue Paris; 3. Breezeway Moonflower, Jenny Furlow (Isabella Karr); 4. Cricket, Jenn Daly (Lainey Butler); 5. Double Trouble; 6. Waiting for a Hero, Maggie Kittrell.
Young Entry Hunter: 1. Avalon; 2. Double Trouble; 3. Breezeway Moonflower; 4. Blue Paris; 6. Wonderstruck, Brad Booker (Caroline Booker).
Young Entry Hunter under saddle: 1. Blue Paris; 2. Breezeway Moonflower; 3. Avalon; 4. Double Trouble; 5. Wonderstruck; 6. Waiting for a Hero.
Side Saddle Hunter under saddle: 1. Epilogue; 2. The Quiet Man; 3. Sea Salt, Sally Lamb (Liz Rock); 4. Lincoln Logs, Sally Lamb (Pam Cibula).
Side Saddle Hunter Hack: 1. The Quiet Man; 2. Lincoln Logs; 3. Epilogue; 4. Sea Salt.
Side Saddle Hunter: 1. Epilogue; 2. Lincoln Logs; 3. Sea Salt; 4. The Quiet Man.
Low Jumper: 1. April, Lynne Gebhard (Anesia Estes); 2. Indigo Sky, Chris Perot; 3. Winter Rose, Wakefield Farm (Bethany Wood); 4. Mesmerize, Equinox Farm (Becky Reid); 5. Wendall, Jenn Daly (Emily Sears).
Costume Class: 1. Hanz, Alex Indiglia; 2. Brooklyn; 3. Winter Rose; 4. Wendall; 5. Casual Attire, Stephanie Morris (Maggie Morris); 6. Zambo.
Schooling Jumper: 1. Brooklyn; 2. Faline, Wakefield Farm (Bethany Wood); 3. Winter Rose; 4. Falcon, The Barracks (Ellie Sheean); 5. Medal of Honor, Lynne Gebhard (Summer Smith); 6. Mesmerize.
Modified Jumper: 1. Winter Rose; 2. Glitter, Sarah Turner; 3. Hanz; 4. Brooklyn.
Open Jumper: 1. Hanz; 2. Glitter.



Hunt Line: (434) 978-1107

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