Farmington Hosts Annual Clinic for Foxhunters

fh clinic mockhunt 1544
Bud Riddle rides in from the Mock Hunt with his wife Cheryl following field master Kip Holloway


Event report by Joy Crompton, MFH, photos courtesy of Jebb Cuthbert and S.Dennis

August 19th and 20th Millington Stables Free Union, VA

Fox Hunting Clinic: two days of Fun at Millington Stable
fh clinic friesian
above:Suzanne Dennis on her Friesian, Dorian, practicing in Millington's Upper ring during Saturday morning's session.
fh clinic group
Group lessons in the ring included riders of all ages, listening to MFH Joy Crompton offering helpful tips on riding in the hunt field

Report from Joy Crompton:

"14 riders participated in the Fox Hunting Clinic in August instructed by Joy Crompton and Liz King, Joint FHC MFH. Saturday ‘s morning session took place at Millington ‘s Upper Ring where participant learned to ride safely as a group and practiced control exercises. Several worked over jumps and all had an opportunity to open and shut a gate.
The afternoon session took place across country. Riders learned control in the open field, crossed the river and followed over jumps. Kip Holloway assisted with the clinic and led the “2nd Flight” folks for the Saturday afternoon session along with Sunday’s hunt. Members Stephanie and her daughter Hanna Buss along with Cheryl and Bud Riddle, as well as, James McKinley participated.
The Clinic Hunt on Sunday was fun and exciting as a fox had hounds chasing in Full Cry! Participants were shuttled, thanks to Jeff Bodine, to the Club House where they enjoyed a Hunt Breakfast and a talk about appropriate clothes, thanks to Shawnee Baker, and horn interpretations from Huntsman, Matthew Cook."
fh clinic clothes

Hunting attire described by Shawnee Baker during breakfast at the Hunt Club following Sunday morning's mock hunt.

Membership Chair, Jebb Cuthbert, made sure all had membership information. Additionally, all participants received a “Cap” to hunt with Farmington. She is happy to report:

"Suzanne Dennis, Kelsie Timbie and Lainey Butler have all been out cubbing already and are having a blast. Suzanne says she is "totally addicted." She and Lainey have submitted membership applications already! We look forward to seeing Colleen Grant, Tina Mallia, Kathleen Anderson, Kristina Krajewski, and Ashleigh Dove out soon."

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