Another Great Spring Horse Show!
June 5, 2017 Event report and results by Stephen Bickers, show manager

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Another horse show in the books! We had the most beautiful weather ever, and what a nice chance to get together with great friends. About 50 entries competed at the beautiful Brookhill Farm, and I want to take this chance to reiterate to Lynne and Mark Gebhard how grateful we are to be able to hold the show there. Many of the exhibitors have been long time supporters of the show, but there were some new faces as well. Hopefully everyone had a good day, and we look forward to seeing them back next year. It was very bittersweet and touching to present the Muffin Barnes Memorial Trophy for the first time. I know she was smiling down on a show that she supported and attended since it started in 1976.

Sure it is a lot of work, but it would not be possible without my volunteers. BJ Korol and Robin Lundgren were great secretaries, my parking guru, Earle Betts kept things running smoothly down below. Shelley Thompson, Sally Powers, Kip Holloway and Chris Cuthbert were a very efficient and quick jump crew. Jebb Cuthbert very ably handled a long afternoon of announcing, and she did the hunt club proud.

Mary Harp was totally my gal Friday, organizing the jump changes, being an efficient starter, and just overall keeping things in line from the start of the show until the bitter end.

Thanks to all our sponsors who made it possible to raise close to $4000 for the hunt club.

Most of all thanks to my long term partner, and best friend, Drew Perkins for being all in this year. He painted, lets just say, a "few jumps", he put up with the clutter around the house that precedes a show, he helped not just with set up, but as tired as we were, helped break down and pack up. He was invaluable as secretary from start to finish, and as I said, was cheerful and willing the entire time.

All the boxes are packed back in the attic, and I feel relieved to hand off the baton to the next event planners. Put June 2, 2018 on your will be here before you know it.


June 3, 2017
Judge: Mr. Mark Wonderly
Schooling Hunter Champion: Barrister, Kim Short, (Jackson Schurtz)
Res: Piper, Toni Durham
Green Hunter Champion: C'Mon Carmen, Stephanie Guerlain
Res: Secret Soldier, Lynne Gebhard
Working Hunter Champion: Medal of Honor, Lynne Gebhard
Res: Secret Soldier, Lynne Gebhard
Childrens/ Adult Hunter Champion: Prize, Jenn Daly, (Katie Define)
Res: Medal of Honor, Lynne Gebhard (Summer Smith)
VHSA Thoroughbred Hunter Champion: Firebee, Tiffany Snell, (Nicole Hill)
Res: Mesmerize, Equinox Farm, (Becky Reid)
Short Stirrup Hunter Champion: Diamond Jubilee, Britni Cash, (Henry Lesko)
Res: Captain Butler, Baily Hale Dent, (Maggie Kittrell)
Pony Pleasure Champion: Oakfields Peridot, Isabella Karr
Res: Sunny Delight, Annie Bourke
Junior Horse Pleasure Champion: Captain Butler, Baily Hale Dent, (Maggie Kittrell)
Res: Excalibur, Lynne Gebhard, (Caroline Daugherty)
Adult Horse Pleasure Champion: Descant, Mary Harp, (Anne Grachus)
Res: Miss Madelaine, Todd Wever
Low Hunter Champion: Coco Chanel, Todd Wever
Res: Skipping Along, Julianna Mallia
Pony Hunter Champion: Point 'N' Shoot, Lily Lynch
Res: Oakfields Peridot, Isabella Karr
Grand Champion Pleasure: Captain Butler, Baily Hale Dent (Maggie Kittrell) & Descant, Mary Harp, (Anne Grachus)
Grand Hunter Champion: Medal of Honor, Lynne Gebhard
Leading Hunter Rider: Lynne Gebhard
Best Child Rider: Isabella Karr
Leading Equitation Trainer: Lynne Gebhard
Schooling Hunters: 1. Barrister; 2. Piper; 3. Half Mask, K C Meadows, (Mary Quinn Ferguson); 4. Zeus, Karen Bull; 5. Elation, Rebecca Smith, (Jenn Daly); 6. Chris's Symphony, Margaret Nash.
Schooling Hunters: 1. Barrister; 2. Half Mask; 3. Zeus; 4. Piper; 5. Penny, Smallwood Farm, (Louise Carelsen); 6. Duchess, Lynne Gebhard, (Shannon Critzer).
Schooling Hunters under saddle: 1. Barrister; 2. Elation; 3. Piper; 4. Duchess; 5. Half Mask; 6. Box Office Smash, Charlotte Delany.
Green Hunters: 1. Secret Soldier; 2. Staccato, Equinox Farm, (Becky Reid); 3. C'Mon Carmen; 4. Mesmerize, Equinox Farm, (Becky Reid); 5. Ludwig, Rebecca Ogborne, (Baily Hale Dent); 6. Runaway Dame, Joy Cromptonl.
Green Hunters: 1. Ludwig; 2. C'Mon Carmen; 3. Runaway Dame; 4. Secret Soldier; 5. Staccato; 6. Mesmerize.
Green Hunters under saddle: 1. C'Mon Carmen; 2. Secret Soldier; 3. Ludwig; 4. Runaway Dame.
Working Hunters: 1. Medal of Honor; 2. Secret Soldier; 3. Brooklyn; 4. East of Eden, Rebecca Smith, (Jenn Daly).
Working Hunters: 1. Medal of Honor; 2. East of Eden; 3. Secret Soldier; 4. Brooklyn.
Working Hunters under saddle: 1. Medal of Honor; 2. Secret Soldier; 3. Brooklyn; 4. East of Eden.
VHSA Equitation on the flat (14 and under): 1. Nicole Hill; 2. Ginger Umstadler; 3. Julianna Mallia; 4. Laney Butler; 5. Isabella Karr; 6. Dylan Schultheis.
VHSA Equitation on the flat (15-17): 1. Katie Define; 2. Summer Smith; 3. Anesia Fowler.
VHSA Equitation on the flat (Adult): 1. Stephanie Guerlain; 2. Toni Durham; 3. Shannon Critzer.
VHSA Associate Children's Equitation (Black Cat Farm Trophy): 1. Summer Smith; 2. Laney Butler; 3. Nicole Hill; 4. Anesia Fowler.
VHSA Associate Adult Equitation: 1. Toni Durham; 2. Sasha Reinhold; 3. Shannon Critzer; 4 . Sarah Ragosta.
VHSA Children's Medal: 1. Katie Define; 2. Summer Smith; 3. Anesia Fowler.
VHSA Adult Medal: 1. Stephanie Guerlain; 2. Charlotte Delaney; 3. Toni Durham.
Children's/ Adult Hunters: 1. Prize; 2. Medal of Honor; 3. Firebee; 4. Piper; 5. Believe and Receive, Leah Scully, (Sarah Ragosta); 6. Calm and Collected, Sasha Reinhold.
Children's/ Adult Hunters: 1. Piper; 2. Prize; 3. Medal of Honor; 4. Finn, Tara Reddy, (Anesia Fowler); 5. Cricket, Jenn Daly, (Laney Butler); 6. Firebee.
Children's/ Adult Hunters under saddle: 1. Finn; 2. Medal of Honor; 3. Prize; 4. Piper; 5.Believe and Receive ; 6. Firebee.
VHSA Thoroughbred Hunters: 1. Staccato; 2. Firebee; 3. Mesmerize.
VHSA Thoroughbred Hunters: 1. Firebee; 2. Staccato; 3. Mesmerize; 4. Coco Chanel.
VHSA Thoroughbred Hunters under saddle: 1. Firebee; 2. Mesmerize.
Leadline: 1. Virginia Lesko.
Short Stirrup Hunters: 1. Diamond Jubilee; 2. Captain Butler; 3. Excalibur; 4. Sunny Delight; 5. Two to Tango, Hannah Buss; 6. Double Trouble, Dylan Schultheis.
Short Stirrup Hunters: 1. Captain Butler; 2. Double Trouble; 3. Sunny Delight; 4. Excalibur; 5. Diamond Jubilee; 6. Two to Tango.
Short Stirrup Hunters under saddle: 1. Diamond Jubilee; 2. Excalibur; 3. Double Trouble; 4. Two to Tango; 6. Captain Butler.
Pony Pleasure - Walk, Trot: 1. Oakfields Peridot; 2. Two to Tango; 3. Sunny Delight.
Pony Pleasure - Go As You Please: 1.Oakfields Peridot; 2. Sunny Delight; 3. Two to Tango.
Pony Pleasure: 1. Oakfields Peridot; 2. Sunny Delight; 3. Two to Tango.
Junior Horse Pleasure - Walk, Trot: 1. Captain Butler; 2. Excalibur; 3. Double Trouble;
4. Leo, Lynne Gebhard, (Lillian Byrd).
Junior Horse Pleasure - Go As You Please: 1. Captain Butler; 2. Excalibur; 3. Leo; 4. Double Trouble.
Junior Horse Pleasure: 1. Captain Butler; 2. Excalibur; 3. Double Trouble; 4. Leo.
Adult Horse Pleasure- Walk, Trot: 1. Descant; 2. Miss Madelaine; 3. Bear, Shelly Thompson, (Hannah Rice); 4. Lucy, Andra Tarleton, (Madeline Maciel).
Adult Horse Pleasure- Go as You Please: 1. Descant; 2. Bear; 3. Lucy; 4. Miss Madelaine.
Adult Horse Pleasure: 1. Descant; 2. Miss Madelaine; 3. Lucy; 4. Bear.
Low Hunters: 1. Coco Chanel; 2. April, Lynne Gebhard, (Lindsey Henry); 3. Skipping Along; 4. Kool Kat; 5. Barley Smith, Lynne Gebhard, (Courtney Starr); 6. Star Medal, Jenny Rosner.
Low Hunters: 1. Skipping Along; 2. Star Medal; 3. April; 4. Coco Chanel; 5. Lil TNT, Jenny Rosner; 6. Kool Kat.
Low Hunters under saddle: 1. Coco Chanel; 2. April; 3. Skipping Along; 4. Barley Smith; 5. Kool Kat.
Pony Hunters: 1. Point 'N' Shoot; 2. Oakfields Peridot; 3. Bart Simpson, Lynne Gebhard, (Violet Wiley); 4. Breezeway Moonflower, Jenny Furlow, (Ginger Umstadler).
Pony Hunters: 1. Oakfields Peridot; 2. Point 'N' Shoot; 3. Bart Simpson; 4. Breezeway Moonflower.
Pony Hunters under saddle: 1. Breezeway Moonflower; 2. Bart Simpson; 3. Point 'N' Shoot; 4. Oakfields Peridot.

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