Puppy Show  Success!
report by Liz King

matthewcook pack lizkingphoto web 5181
Huntsman Matthew Cook and Kennel assistant Grady Collier with the FHC Hounds at the Kennels, Sunday, May 21 2017

WOW, What a great Turn out for the Puppy Show with the Farmington Beagles!!
THE WINNER "Wicked" Thank you to so many who helped make it such a festive event!! Matthew Cook our Huntsman who put so much time in to making the Event happen, Kennelman Tommy and assistant Grady and Carolyn Chapman! To the Judges Barclay Rives and Mike Gottier, for doing such a wonderful Job!! Forbes Reback and Sherry Buttrick for putting on the Pimms and bringing the Beagles!!
Dale Dealtrey for organizing the Club House and the Pot Luck food,( which I believe Carolyn Chapman had a major hand in that also)
There were so many of you who helped out and pitched in, THANK YOU!!!

The Junior handlers were: # 21 Tenpe Tatun; Hattie 22 Willie Tatun: Icecup 23 Mason Grusty: Yankee 24 Lilly Janison: Glimmer "THE WINNER" 25 Georgina Wiley: Bounty 26 Hugh Wiley: Calico 27 Sarah Kate Kangas: Halo
28 Madeline Harp: Garmish
29 Hannah Harp: Starling
30 Pippa Cook: Greyleg (Pippa's own Beagle)
31 Charlotte Bassett: Gander
32 Lake Bassett: Gosling
Then Matthew brought all the hounds out to show us how pretty they are!!!
Then up to the Club House for a feast!!!!

Photo courtesy of Liz King, look for more coming soon:


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