FHC Hunter Trials at Fox Ridge Farm

Saturday, April 2, 2017  report by Liz King,MFH , event manager
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Cathy Summers Photo

I want to send a Big shout out to first and for most The Bassett's for letting us have our Hunter Trials on their gorgeous Farm, THANK YOU!!!!!
Then a second Big Shout out to ALL that helped "get er don"!!! I couldn't have done it with out you all!!! Carolyn secretary All Day, Stephanie, Ann Horner, Nan Young, Carter, Then there was Slave girl Karen that "for once" haha did whatever I asked!!! Nancy Nancy again who did traffic, parking, ribbon girl etc!! Paula starter at the 2' course. Fabulous Announcer Jeb, wait to hear the video!! Then of course the Judges, Robin Lungren, and Barbara J and Jane Fogelman!!!!
Set up Joy for doing that peske in and out!! And the little details!! Mike Morris for the help getting jumps ready(just know taking them down and loading them back on truck) and helping with my big jumps on and off, oh and Jose' thank goodness at the 11th hour that darn Ground hog made an air hole 3' out from the log jump 3' deep, Jose' got a fence post dropped it in then cut it off and filled it up in the pouring rain!!!! Of course my ever faithful hardworking Victor!!!
Everyone seemed to have a great time, running the two courses at the sametime, no one mixes the Over Yonders stay over yonder and the little ones never even know they are running around over there!!! As you have seen from the pics kids had a blast!!!
yes a little windy but everyone was safe!!! We took out the first bank with the rain and the new footing it got deep and slippery!! THANKS AGAIN EVERYONE!!! Liz (Results coming soon!)
 Thank You Cathy Summers for the wonderful photos of a fun day-For more photos visit: Cathy Summers Photos: FHC

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