2017 Farmington Horse Trials, Combined Test, and Dressage Show
Event report and results, by S. Guerlain

Farmington offered its 2nd annual Horse Trials at Millington on Sunday, March 26. Riders could choose from dressage, stadium, or cross-country schooling rounds, or combine all three into a horse trials competition, or just do a two-phase combined test consisting of dressage and stadium rounds, offered from Obstacles to Training Level. 39 horses participated and although there were a few eliminations here and there, everyone had a great experience and fun schooling the various courses designed by Baily Dent (stadium) and Stephanie Guerlain (cross-country). Amy Hurt was the dressage judge and her friend Susan was the scribe. Joy Crompton, Anita Vere-Nicoll and Kay Barquin judged XC. Elizabeth Uffelman and Nancy Howell judged stadium. Lots of others pitched in, including Trina Player who ran a food booth, Ebeth Brann, Margaret Nash, Justine Ix, Liz King, and Karen Bull who helped with setup, Will Henderson who manned the gate, Daniela Lee who picked up dressage tests, and Carolyn Chapman, Lynne Allen, Ann Horner and Put Spaulding who served as secretaries and scorers. There were many requests that we run more such events during the year, who's up for that?
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Isabella Karr, photo courtesy of Mrs. Karr


Horse Trials:
Training 1. CCS Boromir, Tori Nuckols
Novice 1. Thunder in Saratoga, Tiffany Snell; 2. Buddhaful, Baily Hale Dent; 3 Oakfields Peridot, Isabella Karr for Susan McConnell
Beginner Novice 1. Clyde, Lili Bennett for Ben Brewster; 2. Magic Mike, Lara Morris for The Pony Academy; 3. C'mon Carmen, Stephanie Guerlain
Baby Green (Jr) 1. Breezeway Moonflower, Ginger Umstadter for Jenny Furlow; 2 The Crowne Prince, Charlotte Bassett for Lilly Russis; 3. Daffodil, Grace Michaels for Millington Stables; 4. Beau, Pippa Cook; 5. Acceptor, Maggie Kittrell for Millington Stables
Baby Green (Sr) 1. Way To Go, Shannon Critzer; 2. Cat Wild, Billie Croll
Tadpole 1. Riven, Nicole Black; 2. Aspen, Kendall Duffy

Combined Test:
Beginner Novice 1. Now and Then, Elizabeth Scholz
Baby Green 1. Burrito, Bill Kittrell for Francis Mcgovern; 2. Syrah, Helen Flor for Mason Fogg
Obstacles: 1. Illusion, Linda Haschart for Ebeth Brann

Intro A: 1. Scharffenberger, Bonnie DeAtley; 2. Riven, Sydney Waldbillig for Nicole Black
Beginner Novice B: 1. Way To Go, Shannon Critzer; 2. Phineus Fog, Anesia Estes Fowler for Terra Reddy
Training 1: 1 Skip, Caterina Anger for Jill Lerner; 2. Luv U 2 Pieces, Beth Bishop; 3. Wickham, Darla Topley
Training 2: 1 Finnigan, Anna Sojka; 2. Luv U 2 Pieces, Beth Bishop; 3. Wickham, Darla Topley
Training 3: 1 Finnigan, Anna Sojka; 2. Skip, Caterina Anger for Jill Lerner; 3. Wickham, Darla Topley
First 1 and 2: 1. Ben W. Doolan, Madeline Maciel

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