Thursday November 24 and Saturday November 26, 2016
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A record crowd of family, friends and riders came out to celebrate the awarding of colors and blessing of the hounds ceremony at a special hunt meet at the Birdsalls's Mint Meadows,Thursday November 24th. MFH W.Patrick Butterfield awarded FHC Belgian blue colors to members who "maintain the traditions of the Farmington Hunt". This year's recipients were Ann Horner, Taryn Cowles and Tiffany Snell. A special surprise was presented to Emma Bittle in the form of a beautiful coat, given by longtime senior member Sara Lee Greenhalgh from Poolesville MD. Bobbie Wells and BJ Korol proudly presented the coat to Emma in honor of her outstanding help as assistant whipper -in and strong participation in the field, as members and mentors including Carter McNeely looked on. Mrs. Greenhalgh, now retired from hunting at age 87, wanted the coat to go to a young member of the field who deserved special thanks and would carry on the proud traditions of the hunt. Special pins were presented by MFH Elizabeth King to a number of junior riders including Pippa Cook, daughter of Matthew Cook, our huntsman.Charlotte Bassett also received Jr.recognition, along with Hannah Buss,Maggie Kittrell and Taylor Overman. Reverend Dale Dealtrey blessed the hounds according to the centuries old service honoring St. Hubert, patron saint of the hunt, along with special words crafted by FHC member, former MFH and author Robert Ashcom. Here are a few photos from Thanksgiving, courtesy of Cathy Summers and Stephanie Guerlain. For complete albums visit Cathy Look for Bob's and Stephanie's photos on our FHC facebook page!

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Rev.Dale Dealtrey with hounds and hunt staff Tom Bishop, Deborah Wray and Matthew Cook

emma bobbie coat15135965 1135585909865883 538540988286738906 n
Bobbie Wells presented a coat given by senior member Sara Lee Greenhalgh to Emma Bittle

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Taryn Cowles, Evelyn Cowles, and former FHC President R.R. Cowles, DVM

November 26th, Junior Day at Rolf and Margaret Hueppi's Horseshoe farm

Junior riders came out in numbers on Saturday after Thanksgiving to enjoy a special hunt meet at the home of FHC members Rolf and Margaret Hueppi. FHC welcomed  visiting fox hunters to this special junior meet, some of whom were experiencing the sport for the first time thanks to coaches and horse providers Liz King of Millington Stable,Martha Drum, Easy Keeper farm and 4H Albemarle leader Jenn Daly. A fine time was had by all, thanks to the generous hospitality of the Hueppi family. Photos courtesy of Bob Haschart and Cathy Summers

hueppi smarshall gabrielle15181306 1140225442735263 7447851033676132921 n
Rolf Hueppi with guests at the meet at Horseshoe

drum15283923 1140226046068536 8023315162737175474 n
Martha Drum with juniors

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FHC staff, hounds and riders cross the S. Fork of the Rivanna river below the red cabin at Horseshoe farm

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Hilltoppers and guests with Liz King, Connie Laudenschlager and Ebeth Brann successfully viewed the fox just below the residence at Horseshoe

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Riders and friends enjoyed a delicious breakfast following the hunt, hosted by the Hueppi family





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