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Saturday October 29, 2016             

Judges:   Keedie Leonard,Carolyn Arney and Stephen Bickers

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Maria Bishop Shannon and Gr. Hunter Champion Tollymore Rd

Schooling Hunter Ch:   Willett, Marianna Wade & Claiborne Bishop (Marianna Wade)

                  Res:  King of Rock, Bridget Harrison

Green Hunter Ch:   Tollymore Rd, Maria Shannon

                  Res:   Archer, The Barracks (Maria Shannon)

Working Hunter Ch:  Local Color, Jenn Daly

                  Res:   Brooklyn, Stephanie Guerlain

Adult Hunter Ch:   Diodoro, The Barracks (Kathryn Saunders)

                  Res:   Grand Cru, The Barracks (Evanne Lindley)

Children's Hunter Ch:   Legend, The Barracks (Grace Ayyildiz)

                  Res:   Revelana, Brad Booker (Emmaline Booker)

Hunter Pleasure Horse Ch:   From A Distance, Wakefield Farm (Rachel Murray)

                  Res:   Slew of Lucky Stars, Jenn Daly (Daniela Lee)

Hunter Pleasure Pony Ch:   Rock Hill, Tillie Hall

                  Res:   Stuart Little, Paula McConnell, (Josie Galvin)

Pre Short Stirrup Equitation Ch:   Meghan Murray

                  Res:   Henry Lesko

Short Stirrup Hunter Ch:   The Crowne Prince, Charlotte Bassett

                  Res:   Acceptor, Millington Stables (Maggie Kittrell)

Young Entry Hunter Ch:   Semper Fidelis, Alex Levin (Hayden Malone)

                  Res:   Crystal Clear, Zach Parks (Grace Blum)

Pony Hunter Ch:   Coming Up Gold, The Barracks (Grace Ayyildiz)

                  Res: Langhorne, The Barracks (Wyatt Morris)

Grand Hunter Champion:   Local Color, Jenn Daly

Leading Junior Rider:   Grace Ayyildiz


                  Schooling Hunters: 1.   Quick Step, Ellie Dupuis (Zach Parks); 2. PL Diamond Lace, Carly Mayer; 3. King of Rock; 4. Cash N Carry, Rachael Campbell; 5. Willett; 6. Wendall, Jenn Daly (Sarah Moran.

                  Schooling Hunters:   1. Willett; 2. Lumineer, Grace Blum; 3. King of Rock; 4. PL Diamond Lace; 5. Quick Step; 6. Wendall.

                  Schooling Hunters under saddle: 1. Willett; 2. King of Rock; 3. Lumineer; 4. Quick Step; 5. Anchor Man, Ashleigh Cochran (Kate Brandenburg); 6. Final Four, Brad Booker (Michelle Mahoney).

                  Green Hunters:   1. Tollymore Rd; 2. Archer; 3. Final Four; 4. Staccato, Equinox Farm (Becky Reid); 5. Brigadier, Abby Meredith (Maria Shannon).

                  Green Hunters:   1. Tollymore Rd; 2. Final Four; 3. Staccato; 4. Brigadier; 5. Archer.

                  Green Hunters under saddle:   1. Archer; 2. Final Four; 3. Brigadier; 4. Tollymore Rd; 5. Staccato.

                  Working Hunters:   1. Local Color; 2. Brooklyn; 3. Archer; 4. Dunedin, The Barracks (Maria Shannon); 5. Quasar; 6. Santino, Jamie Barkhan (Maria Shannon).

                  Working Hunters:   1. Local Color; 2. Brooklyn; 3. Duck, David & Ginger Ashcom (Arrie Sekreve); 4. Santino; 5. Archer; 6. Dunedin.

                  Working Hunters under saddle:   1. Dunedin; 2. Local Color; 3. Brooklyn; 4. Duck; 5. Santino.
guerlain fallhs14915300 1788028978086779 7732529945455145047 n
Stephanie Guerlain, photo courtesy Lynne Allen

                  Rudeen Adult Equitation:   1. Stephanie Guerlain; 2. Arrie Sekreve; 3. Evanne Lindley.

                  Leadline:   1. Virginia Lesko; 1. Ella Grace Mann (Photo courtesy Lynne Allen)
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                  Adult Hunter:   1. Diodoro; 2. Grand Cru; 3. Vancouver, The Barracks (James McKinley); 4. Covert Affair, The Barracks (Victora LaCivita); 5. Sircusa, The Barracks (Riley Casey); 6. Brigadier.

                  Adult Hunter:   1. Covert Affair; 2. Diodoro; 3. Grand Cru; 4. Sircusa; 5. Santino; 6. Vancouver.

                  Adult Hunter under saddle:   1. Diodoro; 2. Grand Cru; 3. Brigadier; 4. Covert Affair; 5. Another Man, The Barracks (Kathryn Bernard); 6. Victoria's Secret, The Barracks (James McKinley).

                  VHSA Associate Children's Equitation:   1. Grace Ayyildiz; 2. Sarah Howard; 3. Katie Define; 4. Emily Sears.

                  Children's Hunter:   1. Legend; 2. Revelana; 3. Prize, Jenn Daly (Katie Define); 4. Craigs-etariat, Rebecca Smith (Sarah Howard); 5. Lumineer; 6. Scooby Doo, The Barracks (Abby McCarthy).

                  Children's Hunter:   1. Legend; 2. Quick Step; 3. Prize; 4. Revelana; 5. Scooby Doo; 6. Craigs-etariat.

                  Children's Hunter under saddle:   1. Quick Step; 2. Scooby Doo; 3. Lumineer; 4. Legend; 5. Revelana; 6. Craigs-etariat.

                  Hunter Pleasure Horse Walk/Trot:   1. From A Distance; 2. Slew of Lucky Stars; 3. Berry, Glenmore Farm (Kendall Powell); 4. Time Well Wasted, Abby MacBride; 5. Avalon, Wakefield Farm (Alyssa Connor); 6. C'mon Carmen, Stephanie Guerlain.

                  Hunter Pleasure Horse Go As You Please:   1. Slew of Lucky Stars; 2. Time Well Wasted; 3. From A Distance; 4. Berry; 5. Fortunate Rooster, Dale Dealtrey; 6. Acceptor.

                  Hunter Pleasure Horse:   1. From A Distance; 2. Slew of Lucky Stars; 3. Berry; 4. Time Well Wasted; 5. Fortunate Rooster; 6. Avalon.

                  Hunter Pleasure Pony Walk/Trot:   1. Rock Hill; 2. Blue Paris; Wakefield Farm (Meghan Murray); 3. Tiny Dancer, Wakefield Farm (Delaney Jones); 4. Diamond Jubilee, Henry Lesko; 5. Clever Endeavor, The Barracks (Cheyenne Parks); 6. Stuart Little.

                  Hunter Pleasure Pony Go As You Please;   1. Rock Hill; 2. Stuart Little; 3. Blue Paris; 4. Diamond Jubilee; 5. Clever Endeavor; 6. Tiny Dancer.

                  Hunter Pleasure Pony:   1. Stuart Little; 2. Rock Hill; 3. Clever Endeavor.

                  Pre Short Stirrup Walk:   1. Henry Lesko; 2. Maghan Murray; 3. Porter Wade; 4. Delaney Jones; 5. Ella Grace Wade.

                  Pre Short Stirrup Walk/Trot:   1. Meghan Murray; 2. Henry Lesko; 3. Delaney Jones; 4. Ella Grace Wade; 5. Porter Wade.

                  Pre Short Stirrup Obstacles:   1. Meghan Murray; 2. Henry Lesko; 3. Delaney Jones; 4. Porter Wade; 5. Ella Grace Wade.

                  Short Stirrup Hunter under saddle:   1. The Crowne Prince; 2. Acceptor; 3. Helen, Millington Stable (Dylan Schultheis); 4. Heza Nimble, Jenn Daly (Kate Argo); 5. Barley Malt, Lynne Gebhard (Annabelle Aron).

                  Short Stirrup Hunter:   1. The Crowne Prince; 2. Helen; 3. Barley Malt; 4. Acceptor.

                  Short Stirrup Hunter:   1. Acceptor; 2. Helen; 3. The Crowne Prince; 4. Barley Malt; 5. Heza Nimble.

                  Young Entry Hunter:   1. Heza Nimble (Lainey Butler); 2. Semper Fidelis; 3. Crystal Clear; 4. Helen; 5. Breezeway Moonflower, Jenny Furlow (Isabella Karr); 6. Spy Kid, Ellie Dupuis (Allison Duggar).

                  Young Entry Hunter:   1. Semper Fidelis; 2. Crystal Clear; 3. Spy Kid; 4. Bombarda, Grace Blum; 5. Belladonna Lily, Amy Lamb (Emily Sears); 6. Heza Nimble.

                  Young Entry Hunter under saddle:   1. Bombarda; 2. Wonderstruck, Brad Booker (Caroline Booker); 3. Point 'N' Shoot, Lily Lynch; 4. Crystal Clear; 5. Heza Nimble; 6. Helen.

                  Pony Hunter:   1. Coming Up Gold; 2. Oakfields Peridot, Susan McConnell (Isabella Karr); 3. Crystal Clear; 4. Langhorne; 5. Point 'N' Shoot.

                  Pony Hunter:   1. Langhorne; 2. Coming Up Gold; 3. Crystal Clear; 4. Oakfields Peridot.

                  Pony Hunter under saddle:   1. Oakfields Peridot; 2. Langhorne; 3. Coming Up Gold.

                  Low Jumper:   1. Road Star, Crystal Minor; 2. Winter Rose, Wakefield Farm (Bethany Wood); 3. Buddhaful, Baily Hale Dent; 4. Gaming Fool, Bethany Kilby; 5. Cisco, Rory McClendon; 6. Medal of Honor, Lynne Gebhard (Summer Smith).

                  Costume Class:   1. Camden, Stephanie Guerlain; 2. Winter Rose; 3. Hans, Alex Indeglia;   4. Buddhaful; 5. Fortunate Rooster (Elizabeth Uffelman); 6. Farnley's Great Expectation, Caroline Blum.

                  Schooling Jumper:   1. Faline, Wakefield Farm (Bethany Wood); 2. Cisco; 3. Just Mine, Alice Muller; 4. Tully McVai, Robin Ellis.

                  Modified Jumper:   1. Hans; 2. Barco Van't Hogindic, The Barracks (Vivian Zellerstrom); 3. Just Mine.

                  Open Jumper:   1. Hans; 2. Barco Van't Hogindic.


Full event report from show manager, Mary Harp

2016 FHC Fall Horse Show at the Barracks 10/29:

We had another successful year for the Fall Horse Show. We have been organizing this event for several months now, coming up with new ideas of how to shorten the day inside so we can break down and rebuild for the jumpers at night. I heard nothing but great things from the exhibitors whom rode outside, which shortened our day by an hour and a half.

There are several volunteers that need to be recognized for their time and efforts, Isabella and Kristina Karr, Stephen Bickers, Drew Perkins and Robin Lundgren for all painting before the show.Also Beth Sutton who graciously always steps in and puts the prize list together.

The day of the show, Ann Horner, Gerry Anderson, Deborah Wray, John Elliott, B.J. Korol and Robin Ellis for being such a superb jump crew! Joy Crompton and CeeCee Williamson for making sure we never had a empty ring. Anne Grachus, Lynne Allen and Pricilla Friedman for handling the trophies and ribbons. Evie Cowles jumping in and announcing when we really needed you, so Stephen could go judge outside and then return to announcing. Drew Perkins for being the all-time fabulous secretary! And Becky Barlow for making sure the parking situation didn’t result in having cars towed off.And of course Robin Lundgren who devotes countless hours to painting, getting volunteers and running the horse show!

And then there was the party crew: Liz King and Cathy Robb put together once again a fantastic party, with several helpers, I saw Paul King and Kevin Fletcher on bar duty and Sandy Kendall at the front door. I’m sure I’ve missed some people and I do apologize!!

As for my judges, Keedie Leonard, has donated so much of her time to several horse shows now for the FHC and decided that she again wanted to donate her time to the hunt club in honor of Mrs. Easter, Kim Morton and Muffin Barnes. She has been a more than generous as a member to the hunt club. Carolyn Arny stepped in at the last minute to judge the jumper portion of the hunt club and did a fabulous job! Stephen Bickers for judging the outside ring and then coming back to announce the rest of the day.
As for the special Awards:

Page Lewis Jennings Perpetual Trophy: Grand Champion Hunter Horse: Jenn Daly riding Local Color

Hazel B. Paine Perpetual Trophy: High point Junior rider : Grace Ayyildiz riding Legend

Kim Morton Award: Was presented to: Adon Solis

And of course we couldn’t have done any of this without the generous donation of the Barracks facility,

Thank you, Tom and Claiborne Bishop.

Mary Harp

See R. Haschart photos

For more photos visit: Rick Stillings Photos





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