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Miller School Hunter Pace

FHC held its first hunter pace at Miller School August 13th and experienced a great turn out of 54 riders in the August heat! There was lots of positive feedback from the participants who enjoyed the shady trails, diversity and beauty of the countryside, and the inviting coops.

There are many people to thank whose efforts made this hunter pace the success that it was. There is no event without our landowners. Thank you Miller School and Hadens!

Matthew, Tommy and Grady installed a new hunting gate at Haden’s, as well as new coops at Miller School. One more time they heaved up  “the big tent” for another FHC event. They also gave our “Timers” their own tent to escape the brutal sun. Thank you!

Our “Parking Attendants” Jim Wray, Brian Barquin, Shawnee Baker and Chris Middleton did an amazing job of organizing all the incoming trailers and cars! Whew!

Thanks to our Secretaries Dale Dealtrey, Marilee Lindbeck and Mary Buford for their efficiency and for keeping it “fun”. Thanks to Nancy Howell and Stephanie Guerlain for doing the pre-entries.

Becky Barlow and Howard Miller kept things moving as our official “Timers.”

Michele Fultano and Brian Barquin kept the cows at bay and the riders moving smoothly through the two pasture gates at Haden’s. Brian also manned the watering hole, offering thirsty riders welcomed refreshments, and hot horses a moment to catch their breath in the shade. Great job! Shawnee Baker rounded up volunteers to bring side salads and desserts to complement the sub sandwiches. We had a wonderful variety of great dishes on tables decorated with flowers donated by Dale and Mary Buford. Thanks to everyone who contributed food! The riders loved it. Thanks to Margaret Nash for picking up the sandwiches and staying on to help with food prep. And we can’t forget all the drink fairies, April Fletcher, Carroll Robertson, Priscilla Friedberg, Tiffany Snell, and Carter McNeely who donated beverages on such a hot day. Many thanks to Dale for the ice to keep them all chilled! There is nothing like the focus and adrenalin leading up to an event. But eventually the last trailer disappears down the road and the clean up begins. I am very grateful to Mary Buford, Michele Fultano, Dale Dealtrey, Shawnee Baker, Cathy Robb (who returned to help after riding!) and Becky Barlow who all defied the heat and got the job done!

A special thanks to Gene Gartner, our liaison with Miller School! His enthusiasm and “can do” attitude made this event possible. He put in many hours chain sawing and trail blazing! Thank you for accompanying me on numerous rides to get the course “just right.”

Photos available here:


Miller School Hunter Pace Results

Hunter Division:

1 - Stephany Helbig and Courtney Hyer

2 - Jennifer Daly and Chanda Boylen

3 - Jeanette Fellows and Mary Kalergis

4 - Mark and Shelly Thompson

Junior Division:

1 - Annabelle Aron, Mary Harp, Faith Johnson, Tiffany Snell

2 - Juliana and Tina Mallia

3 - Pippa and Julie Cook, John Elliott

4 - Emma Bittle and Carter McNeely

Pleasure Division:

1 - Barbara Barrell and Emily Taylor

2 - a two-way tie with teams:  Jeni & Katie Galvin;  and  Diane Hawkins, Lara Morris & Judy Fortineaux

3 - a two-way tie with teams: Alexandra Austin & Anna Shields;   and Megan Custer & Becky Birnbaum

4 - Jane Andrews and Susan Migliore

Congratulations to all!

*First place ribbon winners will receive their ribbons in the mail along with a free FHC capping certificate.  All other ribbon winners may contact Deborah Wray if they wish to have their ribbon mailed to them.

Hunt Line: (434) 978-1107

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