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Jumper/Equitation Show

Saturday, July 30th 2016 at Schelford Farm

Mr. Stephen Bickers, Judge

Well initially it looked like the hunt club was going to have a banner jumper show at Schelford on Saturday. Then the rain, the thunder and the lightning came. After an initial postponement after class #9, we decided to cancel the rest of the show for the safety of all. Fortunately high entries in the morning made for a successful show. I'd like to thank all those that exhibited and especially those that came, only to have their classes cancelled. A big thank you to all our hardworking volunteers: Stephen Bickers (Judge), Stephanie Guerlain, Linda Haschart, Kay Barquin, Lynn Stockton, Sandy Kendall, Shelly Thompson, Sally Powers, Carter McNeely, Ann Horner, Paula Campbell, Stacy Stinchfield, Nancy Howell, BJ Korol, Becky Barlow, Daniela Lee, the Schelford Crew of Jimmy Coffindaffer, Matthew Williams and Shannon Haffner, and all the exhibitors that stepped in and helped the jump crew. And of course a big thank you to MaryScott and JB for hosting the show! -Robin

Puddle Jumper

Table II2b 1. Foxlair Woodstock; 2. Daffodil, Katie Shiplett for Heather Will; 3. Well Played, Katie Shiplett 4. Tully McVei, Robin Ellis; 5. Pixelated, Jenny Rosner; 6. Oakfield's Sienna Sparrow, Chanda Boylen for Susan McConnell

Power & Speed 1. Foxlair Woodstock; 2. Daffodil, Taylor Dunthorn for Millington Stables 3. Tully McVei; 4. Farina, Katie Shiplett for Heather Will; 5. Dixie, Amanda Sager for Robin Ellis; 6. Slew of Lucky Stars, Catie Howard for Jenn Daly

Novice Children's/Adult Jumper:

Table II2b 1. Talk of the Town, Emma Hale; 2. Desiree, Taylor Overman for Jebb Cuthbert; 3T. Dezy, Grace Hale; 3T. Cricket, Acree McDowell for Jenn Daly; 3T. Buggsy, Nicole Hill for Sarah Wynn

Power & Speed1. Talk of the Town; 2. Tully McVei; 3. Dezy; 4. Cricket; 5T. Daffodil; 5T Buggsy

Novice Jumper:

Table II2b1. Oakfields Ennis, Chanda Boylen for Susan McConnell; 2. Breezeway John Henry, Isabella Karr for Carol Sherwood; 3. Pixelated; 4. Lily, Kaitlyn Schmitt for Jebb Cuthbert, 5. Tarragon, Kaitlyn Schmitt for Jebb Cuthbert; 6. Just Jasper, Kiki Osborne for Shelly Thompson

Power & Speed1. Pixelated; 2. Lily; 3. Buggsy; 4. Breezeway John Henry; 5. Magic Mike, Lara Morris for The Pony Academy; 6. Scarlet, Helen Snyder for The Pony Academy

Training Jumper:

Table II2b1. Indigo Sky, Chris Perot; 2. Oakfields Peridot, Jenn Daly for Susan McConnell; 3. Descant, Mary Harp; 4. Wyatt, Kate Samuels for the Equine Welfare Society, 5. Tennessee Whiskey, Andra Simons; 6. Secret Soldier, Sommers Olinger for Brookhill Farm

Power & Speed1. Oakfields Jameson, Jenn Daly for Susan McConnell; 2. Piper, Toni Durham; 3. Indigo Sky; 4. Belladona Lily Emily Sears for Amy Lamb; 5. Tennessee Whiskey; 6. Thunder in Saratoga, Tiffany Snell

VHSA Associate Children's/Adult Equitation 1. Katie Define, 2. Summer Smith; 3. Chris Perot, 4. Rachel Dalkin; 5. Emily Sears; 6. Amanda Watson


Photos from July 30 2016 Summer Jumper Show at Schelford Farm are up in the FHC Galleries

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