July 20, 2016 Fun Show at Millington Stables

Report and results by Stephanie Guerlain, for more photos visit FHC Facebook Page

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Summer Fun Horse Show & Evening Social

Wednesday, July 20th 2016 at Millington Stables

Ms. Stephanie Guerlain, Judge

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Photo by K. Karr

The annual summer fun show at Millington was fun for riders and spectators alike. New this year were three big hits: the Obstacle classes, Musical Poles (kind of like musical chairs) and Pole Bending! We had tons of help getting ready for and running the show. Thanks to so many people, I'm sure I've missed some of you but here goes: the whole Kittrell family (and friends!), Baily Dent, Liz King, Mary Buford Hitz, Elizabeth Uffelman, the Buss Family, Mary Minor and Will Henderson, Lynne Allen, Linda Haschart, Carolyn Brandt, Jennifer Sulzberger, Kay Barquin, Sheryl Hopper, Stephen Bickers, Karen Bull, Michelle Fultano, the Brann family, Jeanne Marie Faulconer, Dale Dealtrey, Kristina Karr, and Debbie Heymann.

Low Hunter: Champion: Warbux, Ali King; Reserve Champion: Foxlair Woodstock, Isabella Karr for Jocelyn McDonald

A: 1. Foxlair Woodstock; 2. Warbux; 3. Duck, Arri for Spring Mountain Farm 4. Desiree, Taylor Overman for Jebb Cuthbert; 5. Magic Mike, Lara Morris for The Pony Academy; 6. Kill Devil's Hill, Arri for Spring Mountain Farm

B: 1. Warbux 2. Scarlet, Helen Snyder for The Pony Academy 3. Foxlair Woodstock; 4. Duck; 5. Breezeway Moonflower, Isabella Karr for Jenny Furlow; 6. Magic Mike

U/S: 1. Desiree; 2. Foxlair Woodstock; 3. Warbux; 4. Saba, Ann Horner; 5. Magic Mike; 6. Scarlet

Working Hunter: Champion: Warbux, Ali King; Reserve Champion: Runaway Dame, Joy Crompton

A: 1. Runaway Dame; 2. Zeus, Karen Bull; 3. Warbux

B: 1. Warbux

U/S: 1. Warbux; 2. Runaway Dame; 3. Zeus

Pleasure W/T: 1. Blue Clear Sky, Alyssa Connor for Bethany Wood; 2. From a Distance, Laura Miller for Bethany Wood; 3. Blue Paris, Delaney Jones for Bethany Wood; 4. Beau, Pippa Cook; 5. Jaden, Hannah Buss

Pleasure W/T/C: 1. From a Distance; 2. Beau 3. Blue Clear Sky; 4. Jaden

Equitation 1: 1. Jeanette Fellows, 2. Isabella Karr, 3. Taylor Overman

Equitation 2: 1. Jeanette Fellows, 2. Isabella Karr

Obstacles 1: 1. Laura Miller; 2. Micheala Van Clief; 3. Alyssa Connor; 4. Pippa Cook; 5. Hannah Buss; 6. Delaney Jones

Obstacles 2: 1. Delaney Jones; 2. Alyssa Connor; 3. Laura Miller, 4. Pippa Cook

Maiden Hunter A: 1. Beau; 2. Jaden

Maiden Hunter B: 1. Jaden; 2. Beau

Egg & Spoon: 1. Southern Belle, Joy McGill for Lois McGill; 2. Foxlair Woodstock; 3. Dixie, Robin Ellis; 4. Dublin, Lainey Butler; 5. Jimmy, Maggie Kittrell for Millington Stables; 6. Desiree

Musical Poles: 1. Southern Belle, 2. Dublin; 3. Beau; 4. Lilly, Shawnee Baker for Jebb Cuthbert; 5. Foxlair Woodstock;; 6. Dixie

Ribbon Pairs: 1. Lilly and Desiree; 2. Southern Belle and Belladonna Lily, Emily Sears for Amy Lamb; 3. Foxlair Woodstock and Dublin; 4. High Five, Jebb Cuthbert and Jimmy

Sit-A-Buck 1. Robin Ellis; 2. Emily Sears; 3. Taylor Overman; 4. Lainey Butler; 5. Isabella Karr, 6. Maggie Kittrell

Keyhole Race: 1. Southern Belle; 2. Belladonna Lily; 3. High Five; 4. Foxlair Woodstock; 5. Dixie; 6. Dublin

Barrel Race: 1. Southern Belle; 2. High Five 3. Belladonna Lily; 4. Dublin; 5. Foxlair Woodstock

Pole Bending: 1. Belladonna Lily; 2. High Five; 3. Foxlair Woodstock; 4. Southern Belle; 5. Dublin

Hunt Line: (434) 978-1107

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