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Fabulous Hunter Pace at Mint Meadows June 11,2016

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Carol Ham pictured here with Hillary, Will Henderson and Miss Mattie who placed first with teammate Liz King in the Pleasure Division! Photo by Nancy Howell, event manager, see more event Photos: Rick Stillings Photography

"Farmington Hunter Pace was super popular and great fun! Turn out was over the top and the heat was never an issue thanks to my trail guru Liz King who kept us in the shade and provided two river crossings for our four legged comrades." Nancy Howell, 6/12/2016

Event report:


The Summer Fun Hunter Pace of 2016 was a great success! We did an earlier start this year which was just the ticket to beat the impending heat! We had 104 riders in 39 teams so I want to thank all the riders who came out despite the heat.

I want to thank JB and Mary Scott Birdsall for letting us host this event at their beautiful Mint Meadows. They had the fields in perfect condition for our event and they are always so generous and kind to the FHC every year. We were able to proceed through Alesandro Valmarana and the McNeely property (thank you!) in order to meander through beautiful country to meet with Sally Garland’s picturesque Laurel Ridge Farm which was a fun ride up to Ridge Road. Once on the other side of Ridge Road we were on Anita Vere Nicoll, JB Birdsall’s property again thru Alesandro’s and then home to Mint Meadows. It was a wonderful trail ride and Liz King did a great job keeping the ride interesting with open fields and then shaded woods.

A big thank you to Matthew, Julie and Tommy for putting up that darn tent and then taking it down again! It is a lot of work and I thank you so much for helping us out. The tent was placed up on the hill where the breeze was constant all day. It was a perfect spot for a hot day, thank you.
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I want to thank Robin Ellis for gathering up the goodies for the fabulous lunch that she and her volunteers provided. The gorgeous flowers on the tables were provided by Katie Sears and added some color to our bounty of food.
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Karen Bull once again came through with drinks, coolers and ice which were greatly appreciated on such a hot day. My water man, Brian Barquin and his dogs Jesse and Ruby, were very much appreciated, and entertaining, at the halfway water station. Thank you, Brian for pitching in on a hot Saturday.

My secretaries were Mary Minor Henderson, Bobbie Wells and Trina Player. Trina Player and Michelle Fultano were incredible with helping me clean-up. They just wouldn’t go until I was ready to go! Michelle Fultano just showed up to help out. I really am grateful for their friendship and support.
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Jim Finn and Lynne Taylor were my dedicated timers. They were stuck out there all day long sending riders out and then recording riders as they came in. They said they had a blast but, really, it was pretty miserable out there in the heat. I send them a big thank you to them for handling the heat and getting those riders out quickly.

Now for the results!!! All first place winners will receive a certificate for one free cap at a hunt meet or one free pass to a Walk and Talk trail ride with Farmington Hunt Club.


1st Place: Susie Matheson, Matilda Matheson, Percy Mascotte, Carter Mascotte

2nd Place: Deborah Wray, Dale Dealtrey

3rd Place: Helen Hilliard, Charlotte Delany

4th Place: BJ Korol, April Fletcher


1st Place: Liz King, Will Henderson, Carol Ham

2nd Place: Robin Lundgren, Shannon Haffner

3rd Place: Nicole Parra, Bethany Wood

4th Place: Jennifer Campbell, Grace Culley

Junior Division:

1st Place: Martha Drum, Liz Wilson, Bryna Straley

2nd Place: Carolyn Chapman, Pippa Cook, Julie Cook

3rd Place: Josie Galvin, Jeni Galvin, Emily Sears, Katie Sears

I will be sending out certificates and first place ribbons in the mail! If you want your 2nd, 3rd or 4th place ribbons please email me and I will be happy to send them to you!

Thank you for all who participated! I hope to see you again at our Miller School Hunter Pace August 13th 2016!!

Happy Trails!!

Nancy L. Howell





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