Farmington Shows Hounds at Kennels and Virginia Hound Show at Morven, May 2016

kids beagles

Junior Handlers helped out in the Beagle class at this year's Puppy Show,FHC Kennels, thanks to the Cook, Skelly and McCaskill families

Puppy Show 5/22/2016
Photos courtesy of Liz King MFH

report from Joy Crompton, results courtesy Sherry Buttrick and Julie Cook:

"Kudos are warranted to all who helped to make our Puppy Show a success! To start - Kenny Chapman and his crew, along with a lot of help from Matthew and Tommy, for sprucing-up the Kennels with new paint! Julie Cook and Carolyn Chapman helping to get hounds to the show ring.
Having the Farmington Beagles join us made the evening that much more fun! The little hounds and little people showing them were very entertaining! Of course, Pimms are always a hit! Thanks to Forbes and Sherry for providing and, additionally, for working with us to join forces!
Of course, no Farmington Hunt event can be without a wonderful "tailgate" following. Thanks to new Social Committee Chairwoman, Stacy Stinchfield for organizing a terrific supper at The Club House and to all who contributed!"


thorn pistol puppy hounds 99 o
Thorn and Pistol placed 1st and 3rd in the dog hound class
1. Thorn
2. Thatcher
3. Pistol

1. Pansy
2. Poppy
3. Primrose

Overall champion: Pansy.


mccaskill gander girl beagle13198525 10156950953155788 1083611325879625944 o
 Mary Page McCaskill (above)showed Gander, Reserve Champion and
The Champ Beagle was Ironwood shown by Compton Skelly.

Virginia Hound Show, Morven Park, Leesburg VA May 29, 2016
results courtesy of Julie Cook, Photos by Shawnee Baker

A good number of FHC members and friends, traveled north to Leesburg on Sunday to see the FHC hounds exhibited at the annual Virginia Hound Show. Huntsman Matthew Cook, who recently suffered a broken leg, still managed to show hounds with help from Carolyn Chapman, and MFH Joy Crompton, Pat Butterfield and ex-MFH Tom Bishop were on hand to lend their support, along with Michele Fultano,John Elliott, Mary Kalergis, Kenny Chapman,Martha Drum,  Kate and Toma Johnson who were among those all there supporting the team at this festive annual event in northern Virginia representing our club competing with hounds from all over the country.
cchapman mattcook thermal thatcher 3615c
Shown above,Matthew Cook and Carolyn Chapman with 2nd place  winners Thermal and Thatcher,Unentered Dog Class at Morven park May 29th

cchapman thorn americandog 3612
above:Carolyn Chapman with FHC Thorn, American Dog entry at Morven Park. Thorn won the Dog class at the FHC Puppy Show 5-22-2016
chapman matt thorn pistol5 29 2016 6
above:Matthew Cook and Carolyn with FHC Thorn and Pistol

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