Saturday, April 2, 2016 Millington Stables

Following on the footsteps of the successful jumper derby the week before, this year Farmington hosted it's first ever 3-phase horse trials! Cross country was added as an option for riders, or they could choose a traditional dressage plus stadium combined test, or just do dressage, stadium, or cross-country at any level desired. Thirty-seven horse/rider combinations chose one or more of these options and we had a fun and successful day.

Thank you to all the volunteers!

Judges: Carolyn Chapman (dressage) and Baily Dent (show jumping & cross country); Ribbon Organizer: Robin Huntington, Course setup: Stephanie Guerlain, Joy Crompton, Liz King & Karen Bull, Timers & Jump Crew: Stephanie Guerlain & Liz King, Secretaries & Scorers: Linda Haschart & Ken Chapman Facilities: Liz King, Jay Fennell & J.B. Birdsall, Entries & Course Design: Stephanie Guerlain

DSC 0201

see Photos by Robert Hashchart


1. Tadpole Combined Test 1. Dark Starr, Julia Scheibel for Celia Kimata 2. Teddy, Helen Snyder for The Pony Academy 3. First Glance Obsession, Charlotte Bassett 4. Awryn, Marianne Lund 5. Bozeman, Sarah Hale for Virginia Michel 6. Justin, Libby Terrell for The Pony Academy

2. Baby Green Combined Test 1 Magic Mike, Lara Morris for The Pony Academy 2. Talk of the Town, Emma Hale 3. MLC Irish Rapture, Paul Pinner, 4. Maya, Scottie Lester for Connie Ho 5. TNE Orvyn, Molly Bull 6. April Breeze, Summer Smith for Antonia Massie

3. Beginner Novice Combined Test 1. Dora Cymbeline, Kip Holloway for Jane Dudinsky 2. Clyde, Lili Bennett for Benjamin Brewster 3. Murphy, Viktoria Anello 4. Optimus Prime, Zoe Whittle 5. Governor, Julie Cook

4. Beginner Novice Horse Trials 1. Dezy, Grace Hale 2. Ridgetop Robin Goodfellow, Katie Pinner 3. The Bedford Belle, Billie Bryant

5. Novice Combined Test 1. Eli, Mark Thompson 2. Mystic Maeve, Joy Crompton

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