Saturday, March 26, 2016 Millington Stables

We had a wonderful day at the inaugural Farmington Jumper Derby! Courses started with several natural obstacles through the woods, jumping into the ring, and finishing over a set of stadium and natural jumps in the ring. The higher levels then jumped out over a bank. This proved to be a popular format, some classes had over 20 entries! It was such a success it inspired adding a cross-country course the following weekend, turning our combined test into an optional horse trials!

Successful jumper derby! Judges: Carolyn Chapman (dressage) and Baily Dent (show jumping & cross country); Ribbon Organizer: Robin Huntington, Course setup: Stephanie Guerlain, Joy Crompton, Liz King & Karen Bull, Timers & Jump Crew: Stephanie Guerlain & Liz King, Secretaries & Scorers: Linda Haschart & Ken Chapman Facilities: Liz King, Jay Fennell & J.B. Birdsall, Entries & Course Design: Stephanie Guerlain, Photography: Robert Haschart

JumperDerby 2016 006


1. Tadpole Combined Test 1. Dark Starr, Julia Scheibel for Celia Kimata 2. Teddy Helen Snyder for The Pony Academy 3. First Glance Obsession, Charlotte Bassett 4. Awryn, Marianne Lund 5. Bozeman, Sarah Hale for Virginia Michel 6. Justin, Libby Terrell for The Pony Academy

2. Baby Green Combined Test 1. Farnley's Great Expectation 2. Thee Desperado's Epic 3. Dark Starr, Julia Scheibel for Celia Kimata 4. Collette, Caroline Blum 5. Adele

3. Tadpole, Gambler's Choice 1. Thee Desperado's Epic 2T. Farnleys Great Expectation 2T. Collette 4. Dark Starr 5. Bashir's Flash, Amanda Malone

4. Baby Green, OT 1. Bashir's Flash 2. Collette 3. Magic Trix, Emily Taylor for Barbara Barrell 4. Forrest Gump, Sasha Moran 5. Oakfields Ennis, Chanda Boylen for Susan McConnell 6. Oakfields Jameson Jen Daly for Susan McConnell

5. Baby Green, JO 1. Farnley's Great Expectation 2. All Time High, Sarah Ragosta for Lisa Flynn 3. Oakfields Peridot Jen Daly for Susan McConnell 4. Maya, Scottie Lester for Triple Creek Farm 5. Oakfields Spring Sparrow, Chanda Boylen for Susan McConnell 6. Desiree, Taylor Overman for Jebb Cuthbert

6. Baby Green, GC 1. Farnley's Great Expectation 2. Talk of the Town, Emma Hale 3. Magic Trix 4T. All Time High 4T. Desiree 6. 6. Dr. Julio, Pia Zuffoletti

7a. Beginner Novice (Jr), OT 1. Candela, Katelyn Houston 2. Prize, Katie Define for Jen Daly 3. Bramburry, Juliana Mallia for Shawnee Baker 4. Adagio, Abigail Lindsay for Catherine Birley 5. What Luck! Brianne Lefanowicz for Jen Daly 6. Belladonna Lily, Emily Sears for Amy Lamb       

8a. Beginner Novice (Jr), JO 1. Prize 2. Belladonna Lily 3. Bramburry 4. Adagio 5. What Luck! 6. Candela

9a. Beginner Novice (Jr), GC 1T. Prize 1T. Belladonna Lily 1T. Bramburry 4. Stuart Little, Isabella Karr for Paula McConnell 5. Cameron Creek, Taryn Cowles for Reuben Cowles 6. What Luck!

7b. Beginner Novice (Sr), OT 1. Aston, Isabella Cruz 2. Iron Touch, Ruth Cruz 3. Hula Kiki Osbourne for Frankie Brittain 4. ESF Hollywood Won It, Suzanne Antonacci 5. Noble Triton, Barbara Culbert 6. Chris's Symphony, Margaret Nash    

8b. Beginner Novice (Sr), JO 1. All Time High 2. Aston 3. ESF Hollywood Won It 4. Iron Touch 5. Noble Triton 6. Dezy, Grace Hale

9b. Beginner Novice (Sr), GC 1. Noble Triton 2. Billie the Kidd, Robin Mellen for Smallwood Farm 3. ESF Hollywood Won It 4. Dezy

10. Novice OT 1. Kat, Meagen Bingham 2. Loki, Lexi Robinson 3. Hula, Kiki Osbourne for Frankie Brittain 4. Billie the Kid 5. Zeus, Jeanette Fellows for Karen Bull 6. Governor, Kiki Osbourne for Julie Cook

11. Novice JO 1. Mystic Maeve, Joy Crompton 2. Launch, Emma Wade 3. Zeus 4. Commander's Notion, Sarah Green 6. Governor

12. Novice GC 1. Launch 2. Billie the Kid 3. Adagio

Hunt Line: (434) 978-1107

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