Puppy Show 2010

The annual FHC Puppy Show at the Kennels, June 20 See Photos!

Photo by M. Barnes: Devon Fogg, Mason and Dick Fogg's granddaughter, holds one of a large healthy litter born to FHC's "Maiden", by Piedmont's "Outlaw"

The annual Farmington Hunt Puppy Show was held at noon on Sunday, the first day of summer 2010, June 20th at the Kennels. Pimm's Cup and other cool refreshments were served ringside by Forbes and Sherry Reback, and a post show luncheon was served at the clubhouse by BJ Korol, with help from Kay Barquin, Shelley Thompson and Pattie Boden.The hunt staff, Daron and Alison Beeney and Kennelman Tom McCauley made sure the grounds were in beautiful shape for the event that welcomed a good crowd of members and visitors from out of town and the neighborhood. Guest judges were Mrs. Phelps S. Hunter, ex Master of Los Altos, and Martyn Blackmore, Huntsman of Loudown West Hunt. Daron handled the hounds with assistance from the professional staff, and the young entry demonstrated excellent performance and conformation. The placings were as follows:

Best Bitch, "Marmite", walked by Liz King

Best Dog, "Marksman", walked by the Chapmans

Champion Working Hound for the season 2009-2010, "Eagle" walked by the Summers.

Awards for "best walkers" were presented to the Chapmans and Liz King by Jt MFH Joy Crompton and Huntsman Daron Beeney. Click here to see photos.

Hunt Line: (434) 978-1107

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